Sustainable Transportation Policy In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

Climate Change, or Global Warming, is one of the most serious environmental menaces of the twenty-first century. Harmonizing to NST article on Top 10 list Global Warming Cause, Carbon dioxide emanations from firing gasolene for transit responsible for approximately 33 % of emanations. With the population turning at an dismaying rate, the demand for more autos and consumer goods means that we are increasing the usage of fossil fuels for transit and fabrication.
The jobs of nursery gas emanations and urban air quality are concentrating attending on sustainable conveyance. There are many definitions on sustainable transit. A sustainable conveyance system as defined by The Centre for Sustainable Transportation ( Gilbert and Tanguay, 2000 ) is as follows:
Allows the basic entree and development demands of persons, companies and societies to be met safely and in a mode consistent with human and ecosystem, wellness, and promotes equity within and between consecutive coevalss.

Is low-cost, operates reasonably and expeditiously, offers pick of conveyance manner, and supports a competitory economic system, every bit good as balanced regional development.
Limits emanations and waste within the planet ‘s ability to absorb them, uses renewable resources at or below their rates of coevals, and uses non-renewable resources at or below the rates of development of renewable replacements while minimising the impact on the usage of land and the coevals of noise.
How can transit go more sustainable? Harmonizing to The Center for Sustainable Transportation system it is defined as:
With regard to society, transit systems should:
Meet basic human demands for wellness, comfort, and convenience in ways that do non emphasize the societal cloth.
Allow and support development at a human graduated table, and supply for a sensible pick of conveyance manners, types of lodging and community, and life manners.
Produce no more noise than is acceptable by communities.
Be safe for people and their belongings.
With regard to the economic system, transit systems should:
Provide cost-efficient service and capacity.
Be financially low-cost in each coevals.
Support vibrant, sustainable economic activity.
With regard to the environment, transit systems should:
Make usage of land in a manner that has little or no impact on the unity of ecosystems.
Use meagerly energy beginnings that are basically non renewable or unlimited.
Use other resources that are renewable or unlimited, achieved in portion through the reuse of points and the recycling of stuffs used in vehicles and substructure.
Produce no more emanations and waste than can be accommodated by the planet ‘s renewing ability.
Harmonizing to the Center for Sustainable Transportaion besides, there are several barriers to the attainment of sustainable transit. Four of the most of import are these:
More than for most other countries of human enterprise, decision-making about
transit by authoritiess, corporations, and persons has become locked into manners that reinforce the present unsustainable agreements and tendencies.
There is a mentality that accomplishing sustainable transit is excessively dearly-won, hard, and will endanger our quality of life and life style.
Combustion of low-priced oil provides more than 99 per cent of the energy for motorised transit and creates many of the environmental jobs that result from transit. Harnessing renewable options will be a major challenge.
Mechanisms for placing betterments in sustainable transit, and circulating ensuing success narratives, and good tendencies are unequal.
The attempt towards accomplishing sustainable conveyance includes technological betterments of autos and lorries, fuels and substructure. However, utilizing vehicles more expeditiously ( higher burden factor for lorries, and fewer individual tenancy private vehicles ) would be a good start towards a smarter usage of conveyance.
Walking and cycling are the ‘greenest ‘ and most sustainable signifiers of conveyance. However, public conveyance is a cardinal option but it is non having the precedence which it should be. Transport becomes sustainable merely when it does non harm the environment or uses fuel from renewable beginnings such as air current and solar. In footings of human mobility, this means more usage of public conveyance ( including integrated mobility services ) , and non-motorised manners of conveyance like walking and cycling. For motion of goods, rail cargo is more fuel efficient than hauling.
The public transit system in Klang Valley includes coachs, commuter Light Rail Transit ( LRT ) , monorail, coachs and taxis. Public conveyance riders are merely every bit inconsiderate as the drivers. Lining up is a practically unknown phenomenon is thwarting and clip consuming
Whenever a auto is started, sitting idle or driving it is bring forthing emanations that are make fulling our ambiance. These emanations include nitrogen gas ( N2 ) , C dioxide ( CO2 ) , H2O vapor ( H2O ) , C monoxide ( CO ) , hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) , and N oxides ( NO and NO2, together called NOx ) . Bryant et al. 2008.
Carbon dioxide represents about 80 per centum of the manmade nursery gases blamed for planetary heating. 15 % of the manmade C dioxide ( CO2 ) in the Earth ‘s ambiance comes from autos, trucks, aeroplanes, trains, and ships. The staying 85 % of atmospheric CO2 comes from industry, edifices and agribusiness. Current tendencies show atmospheric CO2 concentration would duplicate by the terminal of the century ( Jan Fuglestvedt 2008 )
Figure 1: Projected concentration degrees presuming go oning “ concern as usual ” behavior ( Beginning: University of Maryland )
Harmonizing ESMAP, Traffic congestion can impact human wellness due to pollution with high degrees of particulates, hydrocarbons, lead and NOx. there are three chief beginnings of particulate air pollution: vehicle fumes, re-suspended route dust, and solid fuels,
The Federal Highway Administration has documented the degrees of these emanations and
how much of each compound is produced by autos ( see Figure 2 ) .
Air Pollutant
Proportion from On route Motor Vehicles
Oxides of Nitrogen ( NOx )
34 %
precursor to groundaˆ?level ozone ( smog ) , which amendss the respiratory system and injures workss
Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC )
34 %
precursor to groundaˆ?level ozone ( smog ) , which amendss the respiratory system and injures workss
Carbon Monoxide ( CO )
51 %
contributes to smog production ; toxicant in high concentrations
Particulate Matter ( PM10 )
10 %
does non include dust from paved and unpaved roads, which are the major beginning of particulate affair pollution ( 50 % of the sum )
Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 )
33 %
thought to be primary subscriber to planetary heating
Figure 2: Transportation Air Quality: Selected Facts and Figures 2002. Sterba 2009
Harmonizing to analyze on Hybrid Cars ( Michael et. al 2010 ) , their higher monetary value bends consumers off and makes the vehicles a less attractive economic investing. Energy efficient treating techniques need to be developed before the advanced stuffs in loanblends can assist add to their clean image. Widespread alteration to progress intercrossed engineerings is non a executable option in the close hereafter because of both cost and the limited sum of loanblends on the route today. Overall, loanblend engineering has a batch of possible in the distant hereafter, but as for right now they are non a important betterment over today ‘s internal burning engine.
It was recorded that from twelvemonth 2005 to twelvemonth 2009 there were about 42 million vehicles register in Malaysia as shown in Figure 3.
Car enrollment
Public vehicle
Commercial Vehicles
Year 2005
Year 2006
Year 2007
Year 2008
Year 2009
Figure 3: No of vehicles in Malaysia by type
To cover with the terrible traffic jobs in Malaysia particularly in Klang Valley the transit contrivers will hold to look to solutions such as utilizing public conveyance and presenting more environmental friendly vehicles.
In the 10TH Malaysia Plan, a amount of RM2.8 billion is allocated for bettering urban public transit was chosen as one of six National Key Result Areas ( NKRAs ) , which are priority countries under the Government Transformation Programme. During the 10MP period, connectivity across different manners of public conveyance will be improved through the constitution of multi-modal transportation hubs for services within metropoliss, from suburban countries into metropoliss and for intercity travel.
The Strategic Plan is a papers which determines the way of future transit system in Malaysia. Harmonizing to The strategic Plan of The Ministry of Transport ( 2008 – 2015 ) , development of conveyance substructure a seamless, integrated, sustainable and competitory to run into the aspirations states is emphasised. One of the program objective is to guarantee that environmental non contaminated by the land conveyance, air and
maritime. TERAS 2 The scheme highlighted is to optimise new engineerings in conveyance by advancing the usage of environmentally friendly vehicles and supplying seamless transit system by bettering the park N drive installations at all Stationss of urban conveyance to run into the aim to beef up and supply world-class incorporate conveyance substructure.
Park and Ride ( P & A ; R ) system are known as inducement parking system. This installations system consists of auto Parkss with connexions to public conveyance. The user will utilize public transit to go into metropolis and leave their forces vehicles in a auto park. P & A ; R system are by and large located in suburbs of metropolitan countries or on the outer borders of big metropoliss. Many states had utilizing this system such as United Kingdom, United State, Japan and Singapore. Park and Ride was foremost initiated in the United Kingdom ( UK ) in the sixtiess and seventiess that enjoy most success in metropoliss historic in nature and rather little capacity of commanding that balance to their inhibiting urban construction. In a scope of scenes across the UK, nevertheless, some of which really different in size and nature to the earlier host Centres, Park and Ride has later emerged as a major constituent of local conveyance policies. In Malaysia, the authorities starts utilizing Park and Ride system such as Kuala Lumpur, around Klang Valley and Putrajaya Harmonizing to CASE STUDY ON AWARENESS AND EFFECTIVENESS OF PARK AND RIDE AT PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA the consciousness degree for both Putrajaya citizens and visitants is non high plenty to make the mark of the Park and Ride system. This is because, about merely half of the people is utilizing the system while the remainder garbage to utilize the system and make non cognize to us the system. The understanding about the system need to be good explain to the both Putrajaya citizens and besides the visitants. Therefore, the user of Park and Ride may increase and many traffic jobs could cut down.
Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Transport ( EST ) provide an illustration of how standards and marks can be linked to important environmental and wellness quality aims. These marks are long-run – specific intermediate marks and mileposts should be set to concentrate action. The quantitative mark degrees below are non normative and could be adapted harmonizing to national, regional or local fortunes. What is indispensable for the EST attack, is that mark degrees are set to accomplish environmental and wellness quality aims.
Carbon dioxide
Climate alteration is prevented by cut downing C dioxide emanations so that atmospheric concentrations of CO2are stabilised at or below their 1990 degrees. Consequently, entire emanations of CO2 from conveyance should non transcend 20 % to 50 % of such emanations in 1990 depending on specific national conditions.
Damage from ambient NO2and ozone degrees and N deposition is greatly reduced by meeting WHO Air Quality Guidelines for human wellness and eco-toxicity. This implies that entire emanations of NOxfrom conveyance should non transcend 10 % of such emanations in 1990.
Damage from carcinogenic VOCs and ozone is greatly reduced by meeting WHO Air Quality Guidelines for human wellness and ecosystem protection. Entire emanations of transport-related VOCs should non transcend 10 % of such emanations in 1990 ( less for highly toxic VOCs ) .2
Harmful ambient air degrees are avoided by cut downing emanations of all right particulates ( particularly those less than 10 micrometers in diameter ) . Depending on local and regional conditions, this may imply a decrease of 55 % to 99 % of all right particulate ( PM10 ) emanations from conveyance, compared with 1990 degrees.
Land usage and substructure for the motion, care, and storage of conveyance vehicles is developed in such a manner that local and regional aims for air, H2O, eco-system and biodiversity protection are met. Compared to 1990 degrees, this will probably imply the Restoration and enlargement of green infinites in built-up countries.
Noise from conveyance no longer consequences in out-of-door noise degrees that present a wellness concern or serious nuisance. Depending on local and regional conditions, this may imply a decrease of conveyance noise to no more than a upper limit of 55 dubnium ( A ) during the twenty-four hours and 45 dubnium ( A ) at dark and out-of-doorss.
Minister of Transport Malaysia in his address reference that “ The conveyance sector has now entered the new epoch of a more ambitious and requires a high committedness from all sides. It is now requires a manner of conveyance and more incorporate services and quality system. In add-on environmental facets should besides be given accent in the planning of all undertakings for the Ministry of guarantee sustainable development. ” ( Message from DATUK ONG TEE KEAT, Minister of Transport Malaysia )
This is Life Cycle Analysis academic composing which needs a batch of diaries and article readings, cyberspace surfboarding and cognition. Some articles were from Ministry of Transport, 10th Malaysia Plan and Malayan Strategic Planning to guarantee that suggestion proposed relevant to the way of Malaysia development ( Dasar Pembangunan Negara ) . However, more elaborate surveies should be done to acquire thoughts that can lend to accomplishing the ends.
4.0 Discussion
What are the holistic attack toward sustainable transit policy in Malaysia? Several schemes can be developed such as:
1. Develop of national transit scheme
Transportation system webs are an of import piece of the communications substructure of a state. We are wholly dependent on our transit webs to travel goods and people throughout the state. A national transit scheme such as highlighted in The Strategic Plan would assist Malaysia make a sustainable transit policy. More schemes must emphasis on green engineering.
2. Enhance national public transit scheme
In order to cut down the figure of private autos on the route, the authorities must be after their short term and long term schemes for public transit. Peoples must be encouraged to take public conveyance for the motion of goods and people. Long term schemes need to be after on how people can travel about in the hereafter by utilizing public conveyance as a precedence and make the finish faster, convenient and comfy.
The Malayan authorities has stated a end to hold 40 % of the population utilizing public transit in the hereafter. Unfortunately, at a interim we have limited picks for safe, convenient, dependable public transit. For illustration, we have a really limited train to go from North to South. Road accidents which involved express coach are frequently happen in the state.
Therefore, task force group which include expertness from relevant field must be formed. This group will come out with the national public transit schemes and besides to advice the stakeholders on how to accomplish the mission
3. National public transit section
Public transit should non be run as a profitable concern. It must be look as a pick of transit that people can take. Minimum menu should be charge to the people. More subsidies must be given to this section. Peoples will certainly utilize public conveyance if it is convenient and comfy with the low menu.
It is clip for the authorities to upgrade the public transit to the first category installations by turn uping more money in this department.Research and development unit must besides organize in this section. This unit will ever make research on new engineerings to upgrade the transit systems or conveyance which environmental friendly like was done in Seoul as an Earth friendly transit metropolis.
4. Expanded national railroad web
Railway engineering is still the most efficient manner to travel goods and people. Successful rail webs in Europe, Japan, India, China, Taiwan, and shortly in Argentina, show us that the motion of riders by rail is faster, easier, and better than auto or air travel. Thankss to the English Channel Tunnel and the Eurostar High Speed Train, London and Paris are now two hours apart by train. Trains travel more people, avoid congestion on the roads, usage less energy, and are far more appealing than planes or autos.
A state like Malaysia should hold a dependable railroad transit web for cargo every bit good as a fast rider railroad web linking all major metropoliss. High Speed rail connexions between Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring capital metropoliss must be explored. Therefore, the full double-tracking and electrification of all rail lines within Malaysia is necessary. In add-on, ternary trailing and the building of extra rail lines should be considered.
5. Regional/local public transit authorization
As we can see in the urban country, there is a more than one public transit company. for illustration in Klang vale, Rapid KL and XXX are the celebrated coach companies. It is suppose to be merely one authorization which responsible for the planning, ordinance and inadvertence of public transit. This local authorization has the responsibility to command the coach systems so that it operates under an effectual an efficient system. This would extinguish unneeded and uneconomical competition and promote stableness and dependability in public transit.
6. Additional, secure support for regional/local public transit
Public transit service is of import substructure. It should non be operated like a concern. There should be no ground why a coach company should even seek to run a sustainable concern. All first public transit services do non do money. They in fact lose money, and their extra costs are borne by a combination of authorities financess, bonds, and extra investings.
The best manner to construct stable, dependable public transit substructure is to fund it decently and fund it early on. This means capital investing and regular operations subsidies are necessary. No universe category transit bureau should even be trying to retrieve 50 % o more of their grosss from menus paid by riders. Alternatively, they should be having money from public and private investing.
Presently the province authorities of Terengganu is be aftering the debut of Rapid Terengganu, a state-level coach service. While any bus service betterments are good intelligence, this intelligence is even better because it shows that the province authorities is committed to bettering public transit through authorities regulated service.
One little point, nevertheless. The name “ Rapid ” is overused, and possibly should be limited to large metropoliss merely. A state-level service should hold an appropriate name that reflects the service being offered, non a selling tool. I personally like “ Bas Negeri Terengganu ” and I think the acronym “ Bantu ” ( for “ Bas Negeri Terengganu ” ) would be a really appropriate as the word “ Bantu ” reflects the constructs of assisting and back uping each other.
7. Expanded KTM Komuter Service
We have to gain that KTM Komuter has the lowest costs and greatest potency for enlargement among all manners of transit. An expanded KTM Komuter service ( that means, higher frequences, longer trains, faster trains, and more lines ) would promote people to utilize rapid theodolite. It merely costs excessively much to construct adequate LRT lines to do a difference in the transit substructure in the Klang Valley.
KTM Komuter enlargement programs include new webs in the North and South, extensions from Sentul to Batu Caves, Rasa to Tanjung Malim, and Seremban to Senawang. A program is afoot to reconstruct more than a twelve damaged electric-multiple unit ( EMU ) trains, which would let higher frequence and more dependable service. The authorities must perpetrate to a existent enlargement of KTM Komuter service, intending more lines, adequate trains for five minute frequences, and dependable service.
8. More urban mass-transit lines
LRT and mass theodolite should be built in urban countries, instead than suburban or rural countries. The cost of building is increasing daily, and this is why the authorities should be perpetrating to construct lines in urban countries, non suburban or rural countries. There is no ground, for illustration, to construct an LRT from Kuala Lumpur to Klang, when Kuala Lumpur itself still needs at least four more LRT lines ( in add-on to the new Kota Damansara-Cheras line ) .
Urban countries need mass theodolite. Urban countries have huge Numberss of people and they have the population denseness to do mass-transit cost effectual. Suburban countries do non necessitate mass theodolite such as LRT lines. They truly need enhanced, frequent and dependable coach service to travel the huge Numberss of people spread out over a broad country.
The planned Kota Damansara-Cheras LRT line will go through Kuala Lumpur. The Sentul-Batu Caves extension will alter transit in the northern countries of Kuala Lumpur. However, extra lines are needed in Kuala Lumpur to make the nucleus of a mass-transit web. The authorities should be constructing in urban countries, non the suburban countries. Extensions are for the hereafter. The nucleus of the mass-transit web demands to be built now.
9. Promoting Park and Ride
The authorities should implement the user of Park and Ridein urban country. But before that the quality of service of Park and Ride system demand to be improved where more frequent service of the coachs to bring the people from one point to another. Besides improve the service, other schemes to increase the figure of coach user is provide adequate information to the client. Kiosk and information Centre is suited to advise the information about Park and Ride system to the people. Selling and publicity such as image advertisement, new occupant publicity and menu inducements may besides impact the figure of bus user.
Malaysians seem to hold an compulsion with LRT and a misinterpretation of traffic congestion. We besides think that traffic jobs can be solved with monolithic undertakings instead than simple solutions. I wo n’t tire you with the inside informations of why.
LRT is a mass-transit, and it is dearly-won. As stated before, there is no possible manner to construct all of the LRT lines that are needed to make speedy, dependable, convenient public transit. This means that other rapid theodolite options must be explored. Alternate signifiers of rapid theodolite include rapid ropewaies, and coach rapid theodolite. Even simple things like traffic signal precedence, coach lanes, and traffic monitoring cameras will do a immense difference.
Sadly, the bulk of people in Malaysia still cleaving to the belief that traffic visible radiations, reduced figure of lanes, and roundabouts contribute to traffic congestion. The truth is that traffic congestion is caused by holding excessively many autos on the route at the same clip. Fewer autos equal lower congestion.
There is hope that the reaching of local public transit governments will do a large difference, spread outing and heightening public transit. Extremist thoughts need to be implemented to cut down the figure of autos on the route. Bus lanes are merely a start but they are easy to implement. Bus Rapid Transit would be the following measure.
A dependable Bus Rapid Transit service running along major roads like Jalan Puchong, Jalan Klang Lama, the Federal Highway, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Kepong, and others, would besides assist. The authorities must denote a program to put in tram lines, non merely extra LRT lines.
10. Decrease in gasoline subsidy and inducements to promote the usage of public transit
Petrol subsidies may do the lives of some people easier, but economic sciences say that anytime you fix the monetary value of an point below its natural monetary value, demand will increase and this will finally ensue in deficits of the merchandise. We have seen this happen in Malaysia with cooking oil, sugar, and Diesel fuel. Petrol and wheat may be the following points confronting deficits.
The monetary value of gasoline in Malaysia is low ( compared to universe markets ) . Malaysians are driving more and demanding more gasoline. The supply is less and less dependable. Any instability is paid through revenue enhancements and authorities financess.
Other states such as Indonesia ( 2005 ) and Myanmar ( 2007 ) have seen immense additions in the monetary value of fuel after the authorities could no longer afford the subsidies.
One manner to cut down the demand for gasoline is to cut down the subsidy ( thereby raising the monetary value at the pumps ) and directing that money into enhanced public conveyance service. The authorities needs to accept that this determination, though unpopular at first, will be in the best involvements of the people.
To do their point clear, the authorities should cut down the gasoline subsidy by an sum of RM0.08 per liter, which would take to an increased pump monetary value of RM2.00 per liter. An 8 sen addition in the monetary value of gasoline ( after the election, of class ) would be much easier to accept than a 60 sen hiking in 2 to 3 old ages clip. The authorities should apportion the financess saved towards bettering and heightening public transit.
There are many simple things that the authorities can make to heighten public transit across the state, and these can be implemented rapidly. An expanded Touch ‘N ‘ Go service, subsidies for coach operations, revenue enhancement inducements on the purchase of monthly theodolite base on ballss, and investing in support of public conveyance governments would do a immense difference for Malaysia.
The proposals here are comparatively uninteresting and less glamourous than new LRT lines or monorails in every metropolis that asks for one. The fact is that public transit can be interesting and glamourous and inspiring. However, before that can all go on, there must be alterations in the attitude of the authorities and the people.
It is good to believe that improved public transit is portion of the solution to traffic congestion in Malaysia. However, many people do non talk out and demand better public transit, and do non really intend to utilize the improved public transit.
They are losing the point. We can merely hold inspiring, glamourous, interesting and effectual public transit if there are alterations at the authorities degree. Once the authorities makes the necessary alterations, creates a national public transit scheme and a National Public Transportation Department, so we will eventually be on path to a great hereafter.
a regular user of public conveyance, is profoundly concerned that authorities programs to promote the usage of public conveyance will finally neglect because of hapless planning and deficiency of support from the populace.
5.0 Decision
Guaranting advancement towards sustainable development suppose to be a precedence of the Malayan authorities. Transport is a peculiarly ambitious sector. It is indispensable to modern life, but has many inauspicious effects on wellness and environment. Most transport tendencies are unsustainable. More attempt must be put on to develop public conveyance because survey found that utilizing public conveyance can minimise the environmental pollution and impact of wellness to homo.
Although there is a batch of bad intelligence -A the good intelligence is it ‘s non excessively late! We can implement solutions, but we need to move fast and we need our authorities to take the lead.A

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