Strategic Management Audit

1)  Conduct a strategic management audit of a private company. (25 pts.)
Deliverables – (a) Prepare/find/combine an outline that you will be using to do the audit. 
(b) Prepare a set of bullet points identifying the key issues about…  – the company (e.g., availability of capital, culture clash with potential strategy   and organization culture), – the environment (e.g., raw materials unavailable, protests about the   company’s product/service harming the environment), and  – the industry (e.g., innovation in the industry by competitors, access to   markets, a down time???), …that need to be checked for in the audit as these influencers will impact the success of a strategy.
(c) Conclude with a list of potential recommendations to consider.  (You will probably need help from somebody in the industry or a professional organization.)  Any help you get, or research you do in the process, is acceptable.  You may use a case from any source. no longer than three pages.

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