Sorting Data Structure

 This assignment consists of two parts:
Part 1: When you write an email to your family, the email is sent  over the Internet. Before the message is sent, it is broken into many  data packets. These data packets are numbered consecutively, but they  are out of order while transferred over the network. The packets need to  be sequenced when they reach the destination computer so your family  can read your message. Discuss how you would sort these packets with two  kinds of sort algorithms.
Part 2: Choose one sort algorithm from the ones covered in this  module and write a program to sort students’ GPA in descending order.  After you are done, send the original Java code along with screenshots  of the result.
Assignment Expectations

Discuss and explain clearly why you chose these two kinds of algorithm.
Use numbers to demonstrate how these algorithms work. Hint: Create a series of numbers to represent the data packets.

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Sorting Data Structure
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