Senior Student

If I were a newly appointed procurement manager at a company or an organization that there has not been yet proper procurement procedure I will try to convince the CEO of that company and organization by raising some importance point related to the procurement procedure. Those include: 1. It is easily to prepare and controlling the budget of the company: it can reduce the waste of spending on unnecessary things by using the fix budget or flexible budget strategy to control over purchasing products. 2.
It can avoid of cheat and mistake on purchasing products: after we got that form we can make sure that the product that need to order is well accepted because it has to be check by the officer or CEO to confirm the purchase. 3. It is like a road map to show where the product shall be taken and how the purchase be made. 4. Build good relationship with the suppliers: because we need to select the supplier who we can be trust and can be work with us for long time and realizable so we need to select the potential suppliers to be the part supplier of our company. . Saving money: after we have the part supplier we can save some money because when we select someone to be our part supplier they will provide us a premium price or when we use bulk purchase. Here is the simple plan diagram of the procurement procedure diagram: 1. Check for the department budget or company budget before request or propose a form. 2. Written a requesting form of what you want to purchase and the purpose of purchasing. 3. Get a signature from the authorization person to validate the purchasing order. 4.
Get that requesting form to purchasing department or procurement department to check for the necessity of the product order and the available product in stock or should buy them from the suppliers. 5. After the purchasing has already made up they shall take the requesting form to the financial department to get an approval or a direction where the requesting shall go next. 6. In case if the purchasing has reach the maximum of financial approval it has to go to the principle officer or CEO to get approval before the purchase can be made or done. 7.

After we got the approval next we has to find the ways that the product transport to the department. 8. After the product arrival we need to check for the quantity and quality of the product. 9. Next we should evaluate the supplier performance whether they provide us a good delivery or can be used as the part supplier or not. 10. After that send the product that is done send to user department. Diagram: Check for budget Written a requesting form Get approval by the authorize person Send to purchase or procurement department Send to financial department
Get approval from the principle or CEO Check for delivery term or strategies Check for the product quality Evaluate the supplier performance Send to the user department Here is the ways to communicate our new procedure for coordinate effectively in the future: 1. Get a signature from the CEO to approve that our new procedure is legally accepted 2. Take it to the human resource department and ask for the meeting of all team leaders in each department. 3. Explain the entire team leader about the new process nicely in the manner of convincing rather than used the position power. 4.
Observe from what they thinking and gather the feedback to adjust in case of the reasonable argument. 5. Hosting an unofficial meeting to maintain the relationship with other team leader by showing them that you pay respect to them and willing to accept the feedback. 6. In case of the convincing is not acceptable we can use the position power by working with the CEO to enforce the procedure so that everybody has to listen. In conclusion as we are the new procurement manager we should understand how to convince people to get your point and what make your speech delivery effectively and catchable to all the audience.

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Senior Student
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