School Safety Assignment

Directions to Candidates:

Begin the assessment by reading through the safety scenario, Parts A&B and then carefully review the assessment rubric. (See Attachement)
Familiarize yourself with the resources provided in the Resource section below. (See Attachement)
Your narrative response should include research references of effective practices in the area of school safety and management and should demonstrate understanding and application of NELP Standard components 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 and PSEL Standard 9, specifically 9a, 9d, and 9h.

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School Safety Assignment
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Generate a narrative response (two double-spaced pages per assessment Part using the current APA format with a minimum of four resources in total utilized for citations)
                                        Scenario – School Bus Crash
Part A: Crisis Response (NELP 6.1)
You are a principal of a public middle school in rural Mississippi. It is 3:30 pm on a Thursday in February.  School released at 3:05 pm and freezing rain began falling at 3:20 pm. 
The district’s central office administrative assistant just called and said she just received a report that Bus #10 has been involved in a crash.  Initial reports indicate the bus slid off the road into the ditch, then overturned.  She reminded you the superintendent went with the high school principal to a state training and is not answering her phone.

What are the three most important immediate considerations?
What responding agencies and/or parties need to be contacted? Why?
How will you interact with these responding agencies?

Note: Use state and national resources to support your response to the key considerations below.
Key Considerations to include in your response:
·      Situation Assessment
·      Setting Control
·      Emergency Response
·      Accountability to Stakeholders
·      Coordination of Resources
Part B is on the attachment. 
You can use the attachment to complete parts A and B
*Part C will be posted at a later time*

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