Scenario 2

Agree or Disagree with reference
Scenario 2: Argument FOR the addition of the AVID program
Assistant Superintendent Sharon Gray’s idea to add the AVID program to Pocono and Jefferson Middle Schools as well as Riverboat High School is based on an evident need for more academic opportunities and support for students of color in AP courses throughout the district. The ineligibility for these students to progress onto more advanced classes presents an obvious roadblock in providing equal opportunities for all students. Although the addition of the program is costly and requires minor restructuring within each school, the benefits will outweigh the costs. It is the obligation of the district and individual schools to ensure students’ needs are met. As educators, we accept the responsibility to support our students’ success and facilitate their growth. Many teachers may disagree with the addition of the AVID program, but once they are presented with the data of its benefits to students, they should realize it is part of their job and accept the changes with professionalism and understanding.
The presentation of the addition of AVID to these three schools is a key factor in the ways the faculty and community with accept the pending changes. When district officials and school administrators present the changes, they must do so with empathy and transparency. They must acknowledge that these changes will be uncomfortable for many, but they will be there to support the teachers during the transitional period of implementation. The cost of the AVID teachers should not be a concern for the faculty because the district officials should reassure the faculty that the funds will not affect their pay scale or future salaries in any way.
Stader (2013) recommends districts and school officials analyze academic courses and demographics on a continuous basis to ensure all students are receiving equal opportunities for academic, social, and emotional success.  Upon analysis, Sharon Grey made an astute observation, followed up with the middle and high school principals for confirmation, and sought counsel from the superintendent who also supported the addition of the AVID program to better prepare students and provide them with equal opportunities to succeed.
Stader, D.L. (2013). Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership. Pearson.

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