Risk Review

REMEMBER: The purpose of this assignment is NOT to copy and paste information from the text (this is plagiarism), but rather to clearly convey subject knowledge and use critical thinking in formulating your response. Always use your own words.
MUST BE MORE THAN One-sentence responses.

PROVIDE APA Reference 
ACCESS THE BOOK HERE FOR CHAPTERS 3-4: https://learning-oreilly-com.ezproxy1.apus.edu/library/view/managing-risk-in/9781284055955/11_ch3.xhtmlBe sure to address each question individually and number your response.

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Risk Review
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Chapter 3-4 Questions.

Each Question is worth 20 points each

Chapter 3

1. Name and Describe two (2) U.S. based compliance laws that exist.

2. Discuss the levels of the CMMI process improvement approach.

Chapter 4

1. What is Scope and why is it important to a Risk Management Project?

2. What is a Cost Benefit Analysis and Why is it important?

3. Name and Describe the three (3) types of project management charts.

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