Risk Assessment Report

As you have realized, organizations do not want to make publicly known the vulnerabilities of their systems. Unless we are invited and authorized, there is no need for us to find out the vulnerabilities of a system in an organization. I highly recommend you work on your hypothetical home network as the scale is small and you will not have difficulty in finding out the information needed for your assessment.


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Risk Assessment Report
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Follow the below template….. It’s a MUST!!!!
You are to use figures/numbers (hypothetical ones) to drive your analysis in your report. You are encouraged to create multiple tables to host these figures/numbers. Your report should consist of the following sections: (1) Background: Network Layout; (2) Assets that Need to Be Protected [Choose only 2-3 items]; (3) Threat Analysis; (4) Vulnerability Analysis ; (5) Risk Analysis: (5.1) Likelihood Analysis; (5.2) Impact Analysis; (6) Countermeasures and Their Cost; (7) Cost-Benefit Analysis; (8) Decision; (9) Conclusion.
For each analysis above, you only analyze the 2-3 asset items selected. However, you need to perform analysis on each item in each section. The decision that you are going to make is related to mitigating risks, transferring risks, accepting risks, or avoiding risks.

Also you should only choose 2-3 assets within an environment for risk analysis. In your report, quantitative analysis is recommended for each and every asset selected. You may use specific values within different tables, such as asset table, threat table, vulnerability table, likelihood table, impact table, countermeasure table, cost-benefit table. 

Based on the feedback from the proposal. He recommends that you work on your home network or a network of a hypothetical organization. 

The report must be 10 pages with double-space, including a title page and your references.

Also Important, USE THE RUBIC 100% Important, that is what will gauge the grades.

See the attached for the RUBIC

DUE 26th SAT

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