responding back to classmates

 1st response
This concept will help me realize what I need to work on to get to reach my goal. I would want to know st more about this, so I know what steps to continue to do to or start to take. This shows me that in time my savings will grow and that the interest will help me reach my goal. I am currently trying to fix my credit so I can buy my first home. Saving an amount from each paycheck will help me save what I will need to start paying some debts off. I plan to put $50 aside each week until I can collect the amount for each bill I have in collections. After I can get my credit where I want it, I will start doing the same to put money aside for a down payment on my future home. I have also thought about putting money into a disc and letting the interest let it increase on its own. This course will be the toughest for me so far, this week has already showed me that. 

2nd response:
 The topics covered in weeks one and two are important for adults to understand because we should know how to plan for the future when considering finances and future goals. I decided to put $5 bi-weekly with the original 0.25% that was on the website, compounded annually, with $100 in additional contributions, assuming I had the extra money. Over 10 years, the estimated total was $26, 334, $53,328 over 20 years, and $81,005 over 30 years. It is interesting to see how such a small amount of money has the potential to add up over different amounts of time. Some examples of opportunity cost in my own life would be having children. It is harder to save and be consistent when you have children at different stages in your life. Mine and my husband’s biggest worry when discussing SMART goals is getting our financial foundation settled. We have been in a financial bind due to some unfortunate personal circumstances and before we can begin to think about buying a house or a second vehicle, we have to get our current finances in order. 

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responding back to classmates
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