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One way I could preserve a local/indigenous community’s knowledge, practice, and culture is by creating a historical museum. Within the museum would be artifacts from the indigenous people, along with informed historians that explain the history from a tour perspective. There could also be small stations throughout the museum that show practices of the locals and the way they interact. One major problem could be funding, as it will take time and money to build the museum, but one way to counter that is through funding from the local community; since I believe they would be enticed to donate since the museum is dedicated towards them. Another way would be to sell tickets to the museum, but giving the locals a discount to keep them happy. 
I want to focus my attention on urban anthropology; mainly regarding urban space. I want to see if people in the city are happy with the living space they have and if they think its worth the cost. I would go about this by using the “myth debunking” method, as I would conduct and interview study with the people around the city and see if they agree or disagree with my pondering question. I could apply anthropology better by asking them other questions such as if their living situation affects their everyday life and the way they interact around the city. 

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Respond to Peer
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