Reflecting Module 2 Journal: Listening

Reflecting Module 2 Journal: Listening Start Assignment Due Sep 20 by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a file upload File Types doc, docx, and pdf Available until Sep 27 at 11:59pm Module Journal Prompt We’ve been reading and discussing about effective (and ineffective) listening. Now, you have a chance to try out good listening techniques and strategies. I would like you to create a synthesis of your comprehension of effective listening. 1.Discuss your recent situation when your listening suffered. Is it in academic/personal/or professional setting? • Make sure to incorporate one of the 5 Steps of Listening Process to describe the situation. • Analyze why if suffered by using either listening types, listening styles, or barriers of listening. 2.What strategies did you use (or could have used) to overcome (or prevent) you incompetent listening in this particular circumstance? • Integrate and apply at least three concept/idea/framework from this module in your response. Make sure to bold the conceptidea/framework and explain them in your own words. • Your response should be about 1 single-spaced page (3-4 substantial) paragraphs offering detailed, thoughtful reflections on your answers to each question. • Avoid spacing between paragraphs. Use size 12 font, Times New Roman. Journal Rubric 2021 1/3 9/6/2021 Reflecting Module 2 Journal: Listening Criteria Ratings Pts Covering the prompt(s) provided for the module journal 5 pts Full Marks You followed the prompt(s) provided for this module journal. 3 pts Competent You diverted a lot from provided prompts for this assignment O pts No Marks You missed answering the questions that are required for this journal assignment. 5 pts Comprehension of selected concepts from the textbook. 10 pts Full Marks The concepts you chose from the textbook were explained in your own words. The explanations indicate a good and deep comprehension of those concepts. 5 pts Competent You had a good coverage on a concept chosen for this prompt but your explanation could have been clearer and more accurate. 10 pts 13.42 pts Needs Improvement Reflections and applications to the prompt of this journal Your reflections are reflected analyzed well. 15 pts Full Marks Excellent job reflecting and applying your experience/real life example to a journal prompt. 14.21 pts Competent One of the prompts should have been explored more for your own reflection or application. 3 pts O pts Needs No Marks Improvement There Nice attempt of wasn’t a explaining the coverage concept but more on a comprehensive and concept articulate that explanation in your applies to own words are your needed. discussion. 13.33 pts 6.67 pts Needs Needs Improvement Improvement Both prompts You touched need further a general and deeper idea of both explorations. prompt and You touched a did not have surface of a actual subject and did reflection or not have a clear application of applications or your own. reflections on either prompt. 15 pts You made a good attempt but a little more depth on reflection and application would have shown your comprehension of the content in this prompt. Length of the journal 10 pts Full Marks 1 single-spaced page (3 4 substantial) paragraphs 5 pts Competent You are short of a paragraph and a part of your journal should be explore deeper. 10 pts 3 pts Needs Improvement More explorations are needed. 2/3 9/6/2021 Reflecting Module 2 Journal: Listening Criteria Ratings Pts Integration of selected concepts to analyze your communication situation 10 pts Full Marks The selected concepts from the textbook were integrated into your analysis and reflection well. 5 pts Needs Improvement I can see your attempt of connecting the selected textbook concepts to your communication situation but more exploration and explanation are needed. O pts No Marks The connection between the selected concepts and your communication situation is not clear. 10 pts Total Points: 50 

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Reflecting Module 2 Journal: Listening
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