Refer to Approved Topic Options Listed in Instructions

Select a topic and a population of interest. You must use a population aged 5 to 18 years. Develop a teaching strategy on a health care topic of your choice directed at this population. Make sure to include why the topic was intended audience. The content should include what you intend to teach with short and long range goals for student learning;. Information provided demonstrates thoughtful evaluation of material, ties to objectives, addresses multiple learning styles, and demonstrates integration of knowledge gained throughout the course. Use educational literature to provide rationales for your responses and document your responses. The paper should be in APA format and referenced appropriately ( The paper should be no longer than 10 pages, double spaced. The guideline with the grading rubric is posted on canvas. ( see Guidelines for assignment). To submit this assignment, click “Teaching Plan submission” tab under “Teaching Plan” Module and upload your paper.NOTE:Students who are in the School Nurse Certificate Program must use the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards to teach students (choose any one grade level from K to 12 grades). You may choose one topic from the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Content. You will be teaching a health related topic, not a physical education topic TOPIC OPTIONS (PLEASE REFER TO ABOVE LINK FOR APPROPRIATE AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CHOSEN AGE GROUP)-Personal Growth and Development-Pregnancy and Parenting-Emotional Health-Social and Sexual Health-Community Health Services and Support-Movement Skills and Concept-Physical Fitness-Lifelong Fitness-Nutrition-Personal Safety-Health Conditions, Diseases, and Medicines-Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs-Dependency, Substance Disorder and Treatment RubricTOPIC & POPULATION 5 POINTSExplain the topic & population you intend to teach and the reasons for your choiceOBJECTIVES 15 POINTSObjectives are well-developed, stated appropriately, domains of learning are addressed. (You may use learning objectives listed in the NJ Core Curriculum Standards but make sure they are stated correctly as per your readings from the textbook, chapter 10. Have at least one objective from each learning domain (cognitive, affective and psychomotor). You may add additional learning objectives based on your teaching plan.CONTENT OUTLINE 20 POINTSInclude content you intend to teach. Information provided demonstrates thoughtful evaluation of material, ties to objectives, addresses multiple learning styles, and demonstrates integration of knowledge gained throughout the courseMETHOD OF INSTRUCTION 10 POINTSDescribe your method of instruction and the associated student learning activitiesINSTRUCTIONAL TIME 5 POINTSState the instructional time allotted (in minutes) for each part of the plan. For example, if the lesson is 45 minutes, how much of the 45 minutes is allotted to each activity or discussion?RESOURCES 5 POINTSWhat resources are needed to effectively convey information (visual aids, etc.)METHOD OF EVALUATION 10 POINTSGrading rubric or actual post-test you developed. How is the teaching effectiveness evaluated? Include grading rubric and the actual questionnaire you developed. See assessment rubric in slide # 17 of the powerpoint on NJ Core Curriculum. (10%) You must have a grading rubric to assess learning. It should be aligned to your stated objectives. If you use a test, then the rubric should include the expected scores from the test. “and a test score of 75%; and a test score of 76 to 89%, and a test score of 90% or higher” This is just a suggested example. Please see the slides and please see the example paper provided in this module for further clarification.REFERENCES AND CITATIONS 10 POINTSDemonstrates integration of learned material into Teaching Plan with references and citations from thetext and journal articles to describe elements of the teaching plan.APA FORMAT AND GRAMMAR 10 POINTSUse of correct APA format (7th edition) and grammatically correct. Use your spell and grammar check computer functions to avoid errors. POWERPOINTBased on the paper developed, create a powerpoint presentation that you will be using to teach your audience. ( 10%) Prepare one PowerPoint presentation with no more than 20 slides that gives an overview of the topic you plan to teach. Remember your audience. If the students are not able to read,use graphics rather than words. One example is enough if you plan to teach 5 lessons to cover the topic. Usually the first day is an overview that includes your PowerPoint, and additional days reinforce the initial material presented. Do not make several PowerPoint presentations.

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Refer to Approved Topic Options Listed in Instructions
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