POL 100 
                                                   From “Pandemic 2020” 
1. How do pandemics spread? What lessons can be learned from the 1918-1919 “Spanish flu” pandemic? 
2. How could the coronavirus impact global hunger? 
3. How has the global pandemic sparked innovations around the world? 
4. Why are some people reluctant to take the coronavirus vaccine? 
5. According to the video “Covid-19: What will it take to vaccinate the world?” how will countries around the world vaccinate their population? How will the developing countries get the needed vaccines? Why does the Israeli model offer hope to get populations vaccinated? 

                                From the module “Essentials of Geopolitics” 
1) Answer the following questions from the video “A Geopolitical Tour of the World”
a) What are the political units that make up the United Kingdom? 
b) What is the Eurozone? 
c) What two countries claim Gibraltar? 
d) What two countries claim Kashmir? 
e) What is the Antarctic Treaty? 
2) According to the YouTube video “This is Atoms for Peace and Development” what are the goals and responsibilities of the IAEA?  
3) According to the video “What does the World Bank Actually Do” when did the World Bank begin, what are its two main goals, and what are their primary concerns? What is their position on the issue of “enforced resettlement?” What are the similarities and differences between the World Bank and the IMF? 
4) What is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”? Describe and comment on three of the articles in the document? 

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                                          From the Essentials of Geopolitics: 
Geopolitical Affairs PowerPoint 
1) What are the “Four Pillars of Power?” 
2) What is “soft power?” In what ways can this policy be carried out? 

                                               From POL 100 Notes 
1. Define geopolitics. 
2. Why was the United Nations formed? 
3. Answer the following questions about the United Nations: 
a) What is the mission of the Security Council? Who are the permanent members of the Security Council? 
b) Where the International Court of Justice located and what is are its primary responsibilities? 
c) List and explain the functions of three UN specialized agencies. 
4. What is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights? Describe the document’s origin and comment on three of the rights guaranteed by the document. 
5. List the five countries with the largest economies in 2020. What is the G8? What do they represent? What country in the G8 was suspended in 2014? 

                       From Supranationalism and Devolution 
1. Define supranationalism and devolution. Provide and describe an example of supranationalism.  
2. Define devolution. Provide and describe an example of devolution. 

                         From “War, Terrorism, and Military Response 
1)  What are the four “critical infrastructures” and how can they be impacted by cyber and information warfare? 
2) Define total war and a war of aggression. 
3) What countries have nuclear weapons? 
4) What is the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)? How many countries have signed the treaty? What countries have not? 
5) Describe NATO. How many countries are part of the alliance? What is the importance of Article 4 and Article 5 of the NATO treaty?
6) According to the YouTube video “Rules of War” what are the Geneva Conferences and what are the rights of non-combatants in a war zone? What responsibilities do countries at war have towards their rivals? 

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