Writing Challenge
Identify and define three of the four factors that contributed to what became to be known as the Chicago School of Architecture.
The “Chicago School” is a group of architects from 1880-1910 that are credited with creating the skyscraper design.

William Le Baron Jenney
William Holabird
Martin Roche
Daniel Hudson Burnham
John Wellborn Root
Dankmar Adler
Louis Sullivan

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Factors to discuss more detailed: Fireproof building materials, Skyscrapers, Hydraulic elevator, Chicago Window Style, etc.
General Requirements:

See the Humanities Writing Rubric in the Syllabus
4-6 paragraphs (~ 700-1000 words)
Include images
Three or more different references (our textbook can be used as one of the references)
Word document/MLA format

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