Proposal for Handicraft

PROPOSAL OF MODERN AND CLASSIC HANDICRAFT 1. 0 INTRODUCTION * This product is owned by MODERN AND CLASSIC HANDICRAFT SDN BHD. This company is located Bandar Hilir, Melaka. Handicraft is a product made by human’s hands without using any machinery or equipment. Generally handicraft means art or skills of hands are not usually dined with machines but rather with hand tools. The price that we offer is very affordable to our customer. 2. 0 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3. 1 This company’s product is handicraft basket newspaper. It is made from recycling of paper such as old newspaper. 3. Our company has many competitors of handicraft such as a cane handicrafts, wood handicrafts, bamboo handicrafts, and shell handicrafts. Their design and collection very impressive and modern in the global design trend. Plus, they all have a great and cute design and have a lot of experience and ideas in the creation of handicraft. 3. 3 Our product features is made from newspaper. The creation are beautiful and very high artistic. It does also promote recycling, have a light weight and easy to carry anywhere, durable, strong, very suitable in place in any room in the house and of course comes with cheap price. . 4 Our special features of product newspapers additional accessories such as ribbons to make a decoration into our product. It is to attract the people to buy our product because it is different from other products. 3. 5 Our product must be in the market because it is a very different product that other. An important that comes from this product is, it is made by hand. Moreover, it did not use any machine that harms an environment. Our product is also a terms combination in modern and classic handicraft.
Another thing is, our main aim for this product to be on the market is, to avoid more pollution happen in our environment. Overall, this product is comes from the newspaper and 100% handmade product. It is value for the customers and the quality of the product is guaranteed. In this product, the customer also can find another design instead the small one and the big one. Example, the basket and dustbin. 3. 6 Our product is suitable for the bride, house wife, traditional and handicraft collector, and also some restaurant owner.
This target of customers will likely to buy this product for specific purpose. For example the restaurant owner will buy our product for unique decoration of the table to place tissues. Same also goes to house wife. 3. 0 The objectives of our company are: 4. 7 To introduce to the people the uniqueness of our product that is comes from the newspaper. * The main option to produce this handicraft is to reduce the pollution and show benefit of that comes from recycles work. It is also will show the uniqueness about product that made by hands and uses the newspaper as the main item.

We did not use any machines, so it will reduce many cost and can save the budget to produce our product. 4. 8 To share an interest from the shareholders of making a product that can build a good environment. * Our shareholders want to have a good environment in order to produce any product. We decide to bring our company name as a company that have a safe environment in workplace, also bring the interest of the shareholder. It can be proven by there’s no pollution like the factories of making any handicraft product.
In terms to get any profit, we also remain the importance that we have care about our environment 4. 9 To market a various shape of handicraft product. * Our product is comes with various shape that will catch the interest of the consumer. Another important objective that we hold in this company is to bring a large marketing of our product. Instead people want to using a product to store a things from a plastic product, we want to make a new marketing about to store a product that comes from recycle things, and to give an awareness to the consumer about reduction of pollution. * 4. SIGNIFICANCE OF OUR COMPANY: 5. 10 To get the profit from a good product that we have made It is a valuable works that comes from a hand. Thus, it is important for the company to get the real profit from the product, so the worker in the company will feel the value that comes from the product. Instead, this is new innovation that the company wants to bring to the consumer. By only using a newspaper, there’s many benefit that everyone can share. 5. 11 To ensure that customers are satisfied with the our design Our target are to give our customer believe and satisfy with our design and collection.
Although, we want them feel happy and should collect or buy our product again. It is because we will get satisfication our design with affordable price. 5. 12 To protect the environment Newspapers could be used to protect the environment and prevent pollution. Our product can also save money by recycling newspapers. Nowadays, there’s so many production of the products. People just want to get the profit, but didn’t think the effects that it will brings to environment. By this product, it will show the important on how the way effective of protect the environment.

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