Project Part 2: Firewall Selection and Placement

The senior network architect at Corporation Techs has informed you that the existing border firewall is old and needs to be replaced. He recommends designing a demilitarized zone (DMZ) to increase network perimeter security. He also wants to increase the security of network authentication, replacing the current username and password approach.
For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:
1. Research and select firewalls for the Corporation Techs network.
a. Describe each firewall, why you selected it, and where it should be placed for maximum effectiveness.
b. Address network, server, and workstation firewalls.
2. Describe a plan for creating a DMZ, and explain how it makes the network more secure.
3. Research network authentication and create a high-level plan for secure authentication to internal network resources.
4. Create a draft report detailing all information as supportive documentation.
5. Cite sources, where appropriate.
Required Resources

Internet access

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Project Part 2: Firewall Selection and Placement
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§ Course textbook
Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word      (or compatible)
Font: Arial,      size 12, double-space
Citation style: Your      school’s preferred style guide
Length of report: 3–4      pages

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