Project 3: Logo Design


The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:
1. Apply fundamental concepts of vector image composition to create professional digital media.
2. Identify and describe vector image editing techniques and their use in the development of digital media for current and emerging applications.
3. Use industry standard software to create and manipulate vector artwork following workflow processes for delivery across multiple platforms, including print, Web sites, interactive projects, and video.
4. Produce vector artwork following ethical principles and legal guidelines.

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Project 3: Logo Design
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A logo is the centerpiece of most branding schemes. Logos are used to identify. It conveys the company’s message. The designer’s creativity and imagination are the integral parts in the logo design process, the client can describe what they want, and the designer must visualize it. The designer must create a high impact creative brand that has to not only work on screen, but also for a variety of media, like posters, signage, letterheads and even for apparel.For this project, a company has approached you to design a logo. You completed the initial meeting with them to gather information about the company. Now, you must follow the logo design process to create a logo that depicts the company’s message and identity.
1. Download the Logo Design report template. You will fill in information in this report throughout the logo design process.
2. Document size: 11”x8.5”, all logo versions should be placed on one artboard.
Select a company.
3. Select a company to create a logo. You may create a logo for yourself if you so choose. Please do not select a name branded company such as Nike, McDonalds, Meijer, etc.
In the logo design report, conduct research about the industry and summarize in roughly a half-page:
4. Conduct research on the industry itself, its history and competitors.
5. Conduct research on logo designs that have been successful and on current styles and trends that may relate to the creative strategy.

6. The client has asked to see a minimum of five (5) unique concepts for the logo.

a. Requirement: The logo may use text and be combined with a symbol(s). The logo cannot just be text unless it has been modified by the anchor points. It also could be just a symbol.

7. The sketches should show the use of good design principles.
8. This can be completed with paper and pencil. It does not need to be in color but coloring the sketch could help with the selection of colors later.
9. Take a picture or scan the logo design concepts. In the Logo Design report, place the sketches image in the report, and answer the following questions about your logo design concepts:

a. How does the logo design represent the information about the company found in the creative strategy?
b. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each concept.

Logo Design

10. Select one logo concept from your sketches to create digitally.
11. Create the logo following the logo design guidelines and design principles using a recent version of Adobe Illustrator (or approved alternative application: InkScape or Affinity Designer).
12. The client has asked for different versions of the logo to be used on their website, in part of their digital marketing strategy and print materials. You will provide to the client:

a. A color version (logo includes 2 or more colors).
b. A black and white version.
c. A version of the logo that can be used on the web (including web safe colors).
d. Vertical, horizontal, and square versions of the logo

13. In the logo design report, include all versions of the logo clearly labeled.

Artist Statement Rationale

14. After you have designed the logo, write an artist statement in the logo design report that includes:

a. Discuss your logo design in terms of visual appeal, creativity, and readability.

i. Discuss why the design appeals to the intended audience.
ii. Discuss why you used certain design elements and fonts.

Submission Requirements

15. Submit the Logo Design report, .png of each logo, and the source file (i.e. Adobe, Inkscape-.svg).
16. Please submit your completed project to your Assignments Folder in before the due date.

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