Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights

Assignment 1: Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights  Due Week 4 and worth 200 points  The Bill of Rights finds its roots in documents such as the British Magna Carta of 1215 AD. It was one of the first documents that provided the common man independence from a monarch. It did imply that the federal government’s law dominated all others; however, it gave each state control of any laws outside of those reserved to the federal government. The Bill of Rights acts as a blueprint that every individual state uses to protect the rights of individual citizens. In this assignment, you will utilize the various concepts found in the Bill of Rights to provide the foundation of the various sections of the question.  Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: 1.Compare and contrast two (2) of the sources of rights and fundamental principles found in the United States’ legal system as outlined by the text.. 2.Critically analyze and discuss two (2) steps of the criminal justice process from arrest to imprisonment.. 3.Identify and discuss the particular amendment related to arrest, search and seizures.. 4.Compare and contrast the concepts of probable cause and reasonable suspicion. In your own words, explain how they are similar or different.. 5.Examine and discuss the two (2) examples in which the exclusionary rule may not apply.. 6.Identify and discuss one (1) contemporary issue or case law related to the use of force. . 7.Use at least four (4) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources..

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Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights
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