Presentation For Music

Topic: The Harpsichord

Written paper (100 points) must include:

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Presentation For Music
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1.     A minimum 2,000 words of text plus illustrations, etc. (12 pitch font, 1 ½ spaces between lines)

2.     A Bibliography and citations.

3.     All the information about the specific type of project you are doing, as noted, below.


Oral presentation (100 points) must:

1.     Be a minimum 10 minutes in duration.

2.     Include the basics of the written presentation.

3.     You are expected to be knowledgeable and well versed and fluent on the subject you are presenting. In other words, don’t read everything. Speak from personal knowledge and have eye contact with your audience.

4.     Use PowerPoint and other media, as needed.

5.     Include: photographs, charts, diagrams, short sound clips, short video clips, etc.

6.     Audio or video clips may be used but may not total more than 2 minutes.

7.     SUGGESTION: Develop a script.

8.     Some guidelines for PowerPoint slides:

a.     Avoid putting too much information on an individual slide. Bullet points provide an outline from which the presenter elaborates.

b.     Use a font that is clearly readable,

c.      The font should be clearly discernible from the background. E.G. black font / white background.

Specific Information

Projects on Musical Instruments

1.     Trace the history of the instrument from the initial stages of its development to the present day.

2.     Include in your report:

a.     How the instrument is manufactured.

b.     Information on technological advances that made it possible to improve the instrument.

c.      Information about “innovators” who greatly contributed to the development of the instrument and who perhaps became famous for this. This should also cite contemporary manufacturers.

d.     Information regarding individuals who became famous as performers on this instrument, including present day.

e.     Information on famous musical compositions/composers for this instrument…include an audio or video clip in your oral presentation.

f.      Famous classical and pop performers on these instruments.

g.     How are visual arts, sciences, and mathematics, for example, connected with the design of this instrument?

h.     A time-line.

Project on Performance Venues

1.     Trace the history of FIVE venues used for musical performances starting from the middle ages through the present day. This includes both large and small venues.

2.     Suggested venues:: The Metropolitan Opera House (New York City); La Scala Opera House (Milan, Italy); Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), Carnegie Hall (New York City), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), et. Al.

3.     Information to include:

a.     Technological advances that made it possible to improve the quality of venues this also should include the advent of electricity and electronic amplification and how this affected performances and performers.

b.     Information on architectural design.

c.      Acoustics

d.     Stage and special equipment, lighting, etc.

e.     Information about venues from around the world that are of particular note because of their acoustics, design, etc.

f.      How are the visual arts, sciences, and mathematics, for example, connected with the design of performance venues?

Projects on Composers

1.     Give complete biographical information. Including but not limited to:

a.     Date and place of birth.

b.     Family information.

c.      Education / Musical Training / Musical influences

d.     Later life.

2.     Information on the various genres the composer wrote in, e.g. opera, symphonies, art songs, etc.

3.     Other musical activities: e.g. performing, conducting, etc.

4.     Illustrations…photographs, etc.

5.     Choose a representative musical selection of the composer and discuss it in terms of:

a.     The elements of music. (form, genre, etc.)

b.     Significance in the composer’s body of works.

c.      Include a video clip of a part of this work being performed giving information about the performer(s), as well.

6.     Unusual information / anecdotes

Projects on FIVE Famous Orchestras and Their Conductors

1.     Give complete historical information on the orchestra, e.g.

a.     Founders

b.     Time line

c.      Size and members.

2.     Give information on the “home” venue(s) of the orchestra.

3.     Give information on the individuals who have served as the chief conductors of the orchestras. Were any of these conductors famous composers, as well?

4.     Illustrations may include:

a.     Photos of the orchestra, conductors, venues

b.     Video clips of performances.

5.     Unusual information.

6.     Suggested orchestras:

a.     The New York Philharmonic

b.     The Chicago Symphony

c.      The Philadelphia Orchestra

d.     The Boston Symphony

e.     The London Symphony Orchestra

f.      Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra

g.     The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra

h.     The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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