pre-travel home inspection

please make (Instruction Manual) base of the guidelines that I provided.The topic of choice is pre-travel home inspection and preparation. This is especially useful for anyone who travels a lot for work or pleasure. A lot can happen to the house while one is away. The house could flood or power could go out leaving every morsel of food in the fridge inedible. The point is that people need to be assured that their homes and property will not be in some way disfigured or breached while they are away. There are so many things to take care of that in many cases people forget one or two things, sometimes more. Therefore, this instruction manual is supposed to act as a checklist before one leaves the state or country for a few days to months.One challenge I expect is how to integrate preparation for small periods of travel with preparation for long periods of travel. For example, to travel for three days a person does not need to disconnect the water but to travel for 3 months, it might be necessary to have the water company shut it off completely. I am also afraid that it might be too long otherwise I run the risk of not being conclusive. I might just divide the instructions into general, short absences and long absences that way people can read only the relevant sections. I will also need to express the especially technical aspects in simple terms like programming light timers and installing motion-activated floodlights. The proposed first step is cleaning. Whether one is going away for a long time or only a few days, coming home to a dirty house is very demoralizing. Cleaning will allow one to put away things like Duvets instead of leaving them spread out on the bed to collect dust. If the house is not cleaned before departure then the dust that will surely collect will do so on a layer of dirt thus making it harder to clean.

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pre-travel home inspection
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