Practices of Retaining Customers

Knowing what you have experienced as a customer will help you understand how to better communicate with customers you face. After reading the text and participating in the scenario, reflect on how a company has demonstrated showing value and appreciation for you as a customer.
Address the following in your initial response:
It is much more costly for a company to attract new customers than to retain current ones. There are many ways a company can show recognition and appreciation for the business of a customer. What are ways you have been shown that a business values you as a customer? Describe the situation, considering the following:

Did you know that they were available to answer any questions or deal with any issues?
Were the practices and procedures clear to you?
How did they convey enthusiasm, interest and care for you as a customer?
What type of recognition did you receive for your business?
Why would you continue to do business with the company, based on your experience?

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Practices of Retaining Customers
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