Political Science – Discussion 4 (included 2 replies to classmate with one you disagree)

 For this discussion, you will focus on the separation of powers and the checks and balance system.  
1.  First find and explain a particular separation of power that allows for a check and balance between at least two branches of the federal government OR between a branch of the federal government and state government.  Include as much detail as possible.  This should be at least one full paragraph — but probably even longer.
For example, a treaty is negotiated by the President, generally by their State Department.  That treaty must then receive a 2/3rds vote in the Senate in order for it to be approved and finalized.  To circumvent this process, the President may make an executive agreement with a leader(s) of another country.  This executive agreement does not require Senate approval but it is not as binding (strong) as a formal treaty.  If the next US President does not like this executive agreement, they can easily withdraw from it.  It would be much harder to withdraw from an approved treaty, though.  You may not use this example.
Another example might be between the federal government and state governments.  For example, within the President’s cabinet there is a Department of Education.  Yet each state has its own education department; in California we have the California Department of Education.  So you would examine and explain the role of each in setting education standards, funding, etc.  
2.  Next, explain why you think this particular check and balance example is important. 
3.  And finally, explain how political parties (the President’s political party and the majorities in the House and Senate) or other outside factors (international actors, events such as COVID, etc.) might affect this particular example of checks and balance.
For full credit

You must answer each question.  
Each of your answers should be written in at least one complete paragraph (so a minimum of 3 paragraphs, but I suspect it will be longer). 
You will not be able to come back and edit your answers so be sure to check for grammar and properly cite any sources outside of our lectures and our online textbook.   
Then come back and respond to at least two students (one with whom you disagree). These must all be posted on time.

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Political Science – Discussion 4 (included 2 replies to classmate with one you disagree)
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To do this start by answering each of the questions.  Click on Reply and type in your three paragraphs. This is known as your initial post. When you are satisfied with your answers, click on Post Reply. You MUST have your answers posted before you may look at any of your fellow students answers (i.e. blank initial posts are not allowed). This initial post is due  BEFORE NOON (12 PM – lunch time) on the due date.
Now that you have your initial post completed, you will be able to see/read what your fellow students have posted. Find two students’ posts that interests you–one with whom you disagree. Click on Reply, type in why their post interests you and/or why you disagree (4+ sentences) and then click on Post Reply. You MUST respond to two students before 11:59 PM on the due date. ONE OF YOUR RESPONSES MUST BE WITH A STUDENT WITH WHOM YOU DISAGREE.
Your responses to other students in this class MUST always be thoughtful and professional. Check again on these Tips on Disagreeing. Anything I deem inappropriate will not receive credit and the student writing the response will be contacted by me. After an initial warning, the student may be failed from this class.

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