poetry 2 pages

“In School Days” (John Greenleaf Whittier) at https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45487/in-school-days 
Text: In School Days (pdf)
Audio: In School Days.mp3
“On the Value of Fantasies” (Elizabeth Brewster) in Imprints 12, Vol. II, pp. 184-185
Text:On the Value of Fantasies (pdf)
Audio: On the Value of Fantasies.mp3
“Calgary 2 a.m.” (Christopher Wiseman) at https://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/index.php%3Fdate=2006%252F03%252F18.html 
Text: Calgary 2 a.m. (pdf)
Audio: Calgary 2 a.m. by Christopher Wiseman.mp3
“To Be of Use” (Marge Piercy) in Imprints 12, Vol. II, p. 223
Text: To Be of Use (pdf)
Audio:To Be of Use.mp3
“First Practice” (Gary Gildner) at http://edwardbyrne.blogspot.com/2007/10/gary-gildner-first-practice.html 
Text: First Practice (pdf)
Audio: First Practice by Gary Gildner.mp3
“Circular Saws” (Fred Cogswell) in Imprints 12, Vol. I, p. 249 
Text: Circular Saws (pdf)
Audio: Circular Saws by Fred Cogswell.mp3  
“Acquainted With the Night”(Robert Frost) in Imprints 12, Vol. II, p. 212
Text: Acquainted with the Night (pdf)
Audio: Acquainted With the Night by Robert Frost.mp3
“The Layers” (Stanley Kunitz) in Imprints 12, Vol. II, p. 188
Text: The Layers (pdf)
Audio: The Layers by Stanley Kunitz Audio.mp3
“Young Soul” (Amiri Baraka) in Imprints 12, Vol. II, p. 189
Text: Young Soul (pdf)
Audio: Young Soul by Amiri Baraka.mp3

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