Physicians as Practice Administrators

Physician practices are a key component of the U.S. health care  system. According to the text, a significant amount of revenue that the  health care industry generates can be directly linked to the care that  physicians provide for their patients. In addition, physicians in a  medical practice add to this revenue stream by admitting patients to a  hospital, prescribing prescription medication, ordering home health  services and medical equipment, and referring their patients to other  health care providers for care and treatment. 
 4 or 6 page 
Compare the main various forms of medical group practice. Next,  select the form that would be most attractive to a newly licensed  physician. Justify your selection.
Analyze how the role of the physician in a medical practice has  changed in the past twenty years. Assess three specific challenges that  today’s physicians face as members of a medical group practice. Support  your response. 
Suggest three specific competencies that a physician should  demonstrate to be successful as a practice manager. Next, determine  three hurdles that a physician might face as the leader of a group  practice. Provide rationale for your response. 
Assess the value of effective Human Resources Management (HRM) in a  medical practice. Suggest three functions of HRM necessary to attract  and retain the type of employees needed for the practice in order to  achieve long-term success. Support your recommendations with specific  examples of how each function impacts the overall success of the  practice.
Determine three aspects of consumer behavior that the physician’s  practice management should consider as part of an effective marketing  strategy for medical practices. Provide a rationale for your response. 

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Physicians as Practice Administrators
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