Patient-Centered Medical Homes-Research Paper

  Address the following bolded topics, which should be titled appropriately in in a 4-8 page research paper:

Include an Abstract which is a synopsis of the overall paper.
Managed Health Care Quality – Address what the selected emerging managed healthcare delivery model has done to improve quality of care.
Cost Containment –  Describe how the selected model has striven to contain the costs.
Provider Contracting and Payments  – Identify healthcare providers’ contracts and payment methods in the selected model.
Effects on Medicare and Medicaid  – Summarize the impacts of the selected model on both Medicare and Medicaid.
The Emerging Role of Government Regulations – Examine the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) policies in relation to the selected model.
Recommendations – Include three suggestions for improvement in relation to quality and cost.

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Patient-Centered Medical Homes-Research Paper
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Must use at least 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed, and/or other credible sources published in the past five years in addition to the course text.

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