Online Final Exam History 7 Summer 2021

History 7 Online Final ExamSection 1: Primary Source Identification and Analysis (20 points)Identify and analyze the four (4) primary documents from the documents assigned in The American Yawp Reader (Chapters 23-30) by answering the five questions listed below for each document. Each source identification is worth 5 points for a total of 20 points. Answer all five questions for each document together in one paragraph. (1 document, 5 sentences, 5 points).Who wrote the document? (Include the name of the author and explain who they were in terms of class, age, race, etc.)When was the document created? (Include the date but provide context – an explanation of what was going on at that time)What type of document is it? (Speech, diary, etc.)What is the main point of the document? What is the author’s thesis?Why is this document significant to historians – meaning what can we learn from this document that is specific to understanding the era in which it was written?The four documents to analyze are:Huey P. Long, “Every Man a King” and “Share Our Wealth” 1934 (Chapter 23)Congressman Arthur L. Miller Gives “the Putrid Facts” About Homosexuality 1950 (Chapter 26)Statements of AIDS patients (Chapter 29)9/11 Commission Report 2004 (Chapter 30)Section 2: Essays (80 points) Students will write TWO essays for the final exam. Each essay is worth 40 points. Use the lecture modules on Canvas and The American Yawp textbook to develop your essays. If you use additional resources, provide citations (any format is acceptable). The work and arguments you produce should BE YOUR OWN! You should plan to spend approximately two hours (try not to spend more than that) actually writing the exam. The completed essays are to be turned in via Canvas.Focus on the chapters in the textbook The American Yawp which cover The Great Depression (Chapter 23) to The Recent Past (Chapter 30).Choose three events that you believe exemplify/clearly illustrate the Cold War as it was fought over four decades.  Explain the historical significance of each, why you have chosen them as well as the meaning of the term “Cold War.” What accounts for the end of the Cold War? When and why does it occur? Be sure to include events, people and ideas that illustrate the end to this ideological war with the Soviet Union.The Civil Rights Movement gained momentum in the 1950s and exploded in the 1960s. Explain why the movement finally took off in the 1950s. What caused it to do so? Be sure to clearly define what is meant by the term “Civil Rights Movement” and the various groups (not only African American) which were participants in it. Where is the movement by the end of the 1960s/beginning of the 1970s? How did the activities of earlier generations influence movements today (like Black Lives Matter)?

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Online Final Exam History 7 Summer 2021
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