Development Stages of the Learner: There are physical, cognitive and psychosocial characteristics of learners that influence learning at various stages of growth and development. The nurse must assess stage-specific learner needs according to maturational levels and must also determine the role of the family in patient education. The nurse must apply this knowledge to develop appropriate teaching strategies effective for learners at different developmental stages. Your post should reflect your knowledge of the stage of development of your learner from the reading in the Bastable course text. Health Behavior Models: The concepts of compliance and motivation are used implicitly or explicitly in many health behavior models. The nurse as educator needs to understand which factors promote or hinder the acquisition and application of knowledge and what drives the learner to learn. Compliance and motivation are concepts germane to health behaviors of the learner. The nurse as educator focuses on health education as well as the expected health behaviors. Health behavior frameworks are blueprints and, as such, serve as tools for the nurse as educator that can be used to maintain desired patient behaviors or promote changes. When the educator understands these frameworks, the principles inherent in each can be used either to promote compliance with a health regimen or to facilitate motivation. For this assignment, choose one of the models or theories presented in the Bastable course text: health belief model, health promotion model, self-efficacy theory, protection motivation theory, stages of change model, theory of reasoned action, and therapeutic alliance model. Assignment: Select an individual from the developmental continuum with a health problem or issue. You must choose a school age child between the ages of 5 and 18. Discuss which health behavior framework/model would be most useful in your work with this individual and their family. Explain why you believe the model you chose is preferable.

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