New Venture Creation

Deliverables for this assignment are:
1. First design of product or services
Essential to strategy is being able to define the needs of your target customers, then defining the domain of solutions for them. Specifically, a refinement of your understanding of the target customer’s needs, developing a first design of your product or services based on those needs, and defining the value (functional, economic, emotional, or social) in your solutions must be developed. i.e., the target customers’ needs must align with the solutions you are providing . This needs analysis and lays the foundation for creating product lines or a cadre of services and should be ranked in terms of providing “good,” “better,” and “best” solutions for your target customers. You must include methodologies of prototyping products and service deployment that are lean (highly efficient) and demonstrate that your solutions have merit and can be offered.Also mention the functional and business strategies for Ready-mix concrete plant (6 to 8 pages)

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New Venture Creation
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