Necessity for Electric Cars

Please try and use academic sources. This link is the website my professor told us to use if we have trouble finding some on our own.,contains,electric%20Cars&tab=Everything&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&vid=01UT_DALLAS:UTDALMA&offset=0Essay #3: Research PaperSubmit: Online via the Submit Essays button in Blackboard Length: 5-7 pagesSources: FIVE: A minimum of 3 Academic/ Scholarly and 2 Popular sources.  You can have more than five sources, but five is the minimum.  ** Remember, you will complete the Proposal and Annotated bibliography before you write your draft.    Purpose:  All semester, we have been working on communication and analysis.  The main purpose of this final essay is to understand that where you get information from, matters.  All sources are not created equally.  Being able to locate, critically examine, and synthesizing several disparate sources in order to construct an argument is one of the primary hallmarks of independent thinking.  (And, the development of confident, independent thinking is the main purpose of college education).   Now, it is your job to find the very best sources you can in order to support an argument.  Audience: For this essay, you should assume that you are writing for people who have some knowledge of your subject matter.  Therefore, it is not necessary to cite things that are common knowledge to you within your field of study.  Subject Matter: Choose one invention or innovation that is interesting to you and write about it.  It needs to be recent—from the last 5-10 years, and it has to be real.  Choose something specific that you can find an abundance of research about. Note: This is not a middle school research project.  Your main task is to show that you have done significant research and that you are able to utilize your sources in relation to one another.  This assignment is about the quality of your research sources—it is not about the history of an invention.  You are simply using an invention as a focal point for research.  The paper is also not simply a description of sources.  You still have to have an argument in your paper.  Your argument will not be about rhetorical appeals—this time you have to come up with an original thesis statement.  Requirements:Choose one recent invention/ innovation to focus on. Research sources: You must utilize and discuss your sources extensively throughout the entire essay.   This means you need to do more than simply drop in a quote or two.  You academic sources should ideally be from the last 5 years.  Thesis statement- you have to have one.  Some ideas for the direction of your thesis might include arguments about: the significance of your invention in relation to other similar products; the long-term implications of the invention; how your invention has changed society since it was created.  Examples of successful recent student paper topics:  Virtual Reality, Amazon, Drones, Iris Recognition Technology, Deep Brain Stimulation, Automated Fingerprint Identification System, 3D Printing, Self-Driving Car, Motion Control Games, Prosthetic Limbs, Motion-Capture Technology, IOT, Touchscreen, Voice-Recognition Technology

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Necessity for Electric Cars
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