Multidimensional 4 myasthenia Gravis Pamphlet


Module 03 Assignment – Myasthenia Gravis Pamphlet

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Multidimensional 4 myasthenia Gravis Pamphlet
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As a new nurse, you have had clients with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) and are concerned about their level of understanding of the disease process. You have taken on the task of developing a teaching pamphlet to provide clear discharge instructions including information on the disease, support resources, medication teaching, and signs and symptoms of Myasthenic Crisis. You will include the following information in the pamphlet.

Describe the disease process for MG.
List (2) local community resources available that can provide support such as:
Psychosocial needs such as support groups.
Include medication administration instructions and the importance of timing of medication delivery.
Include signs of symptoms of Myanthenic Crisis and when to notify provider.

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