Motivation and Work

I wrote about this in week 2: McClelland’s Manifest Needs Theory distinguishes three needs power, affiliation, and achievement and argues that human motivation is a response to changes in affective states.

The purpose of the Motivation and Work final paper is to maximize the learning achieved in the course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge in the field of organizational behavior. 
In the week two Discussion Forum, you were to have selected from one of the following theories:

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Motivation and Work
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Alderfer’s ERG Theory
McClelland’s Manifest Needs Theory
Lawrence & Nohria’s Emotional Drives or Needs Theory
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
Locke & Latham’s Goal-Setting Theory

Building on your research and content from your initial post in the Motivation and Theory discussion forum from Week 2, describe how your chosen motivational theory impacts your work world (or one you have been part of in a previous work environment).
Describe the impact of your chosen motivational theory on the following components of your work situation:

Working in teams
Leadership styles
Managing power and influence
Managing conflict

Additionally, in your paper,

Apply the research to your personal working environment or an environment you have previously experienced.
Describe how will you use the knowledge you have gained in this course to change the way you interact and do business in the future.

The Motivation and Work final paper

Must be 10 to 11 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.).
Must include a separate title page with the following:

Title of paper in bold font

Space should be between title and the rest of the information on the title page.

Student’s name
Name of institution
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due date

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