Minority Report (Important Idea)

In the film “Minority report” important ideas are demonstrated to the audience. The director of this film “Steven Spielberg” uses the technique of symbolism to support the interesting idea of freewill vs. destiny. In minority report, the idea freewill vs. destiny is portrayed through the protagonist ‘Chief John Anderton’, a confident leader of the “Pre-Crime” organisation. One of the main issues the film raises is whether the future is set or whether free will can alter the future. We don’t choose the things we believe in, they choose us. ” Steven reflects the major idea of freewill vs. destiny by Anderton’s approach towards his prey Leo Crow. However there is also the added question of whether the pre-cogs are correct. Perhaps from Anderton’s point of view, he wasn’t going to kill Leo Crow, but being set by a clever and knowledgeable criminal (Lamar Burgess) who wants Anderton out of his way. The film indicates that Anderton’s knowledge of the future may actually be the factor that causes Leo crow’s death.
The pre-cog Agatha also states that since Anderton knows his future, he can change it. This is describes as the main paradox regarding free will vs. destiny in the film. Is it possible that the act of accusing someone of a murder could begin a chain of events that leads to the ‘muuuuurrr-ddeerrr’? In Anderton’s situation, he runs because he is accused. The only reason he ends up in circumstances where he might be forced to kill is because he is a hunted man.
If Anderton wasn’t accused there would be no question of him committing a criminal act. The prediction drives the act – a self-fulfilling prophecy. He was displace in a circle, unsure of which way to turn. “Sometimes in order to seek the light, you have to risk the dark. ” This idea of free will vs. destiny is worth learning about because it does not only apply to John Anderton in the film, an idea similar to this applies to lots of citizens around the world who believe in such a thing like destiny…

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Minority Report (Important Idea)
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