Medical Career vs. Fashion Design

Fashion Design Career As teenagers, high scholars or even college students, we always struggle with big questions… What career am I going to pick? , What career suits me better? , Am I going to be able to do it?. We have been through those stages of adolescence, at least, I’ve past through them, and to be honest, sometimes those questions doesn’t give you a concrete answer until you give a try and risk yourself into something new.
Sometimes o have to look for pro/con to see what’s best for you, that’s why I’m looking for an answer through this essay. Medical career ; Fashion design are very different, but they do have some similarities. The medical career is a great profession. It career requires many skills and time to be successful. Behind a great doctor, is a hard and long Medical Career, there’s a lot of sacrifices you have to do to success in that area.
Medical career requires time and dedication, the length of the career is 7 years and 4 extra depending on the specialty o want, some specialties are 7 years long like neurosurgeon for example. After medical career you are required to work in a hospital or a private clinic, by becoming a doctor, you learn or gain the ability to save life’s and cure illness, being able to help others makes you feel better despite of the salary of a Doctor, which most of the times is pretty high.

But most of Medical School Students doesn’t sacrifice sleep or eating hours for money, they really do it for solidarity. Fashion design is a creative and rewarding profession. It career requires a creative pen mind, a good point of view and time to practice. As we know, fashion industry is constantly innovating and creating new things, ideas, styles. It’s not a relevant thing or area, but for some people It becomes a life style.
Fashion designers workplace can be in a lot of places depending on what they want to do, they can work as designers, visual merchandisers, stylists, image consulter, make up stylist, chief editor of a magazine, even an assistant to a celebrity, to become a good Fashion designer, you need to have a good eye, creativity and the skills to improve something to a better ay or even to create something wonderful from scratch. During the career you spent more time in the practical part than in the lecture room, the salaries of a fashion designer depends on the Job they get.
Medical Career and Fashion Design have some similarities despite of the types of the career. Both careers have things in common. Fashion industry and Medical area are very competitive when it gets to find a good Job after finishing the career, you need to know how to work as a team, both careers requires different type of clothes, in a capital there’s always Doctors wearing Blue clothes or white scrubs, and mostly of fashion designers always wear important brands clothes or the latest fashion style.
Salaries between these careers are different, and it depends of how good you are in your area. Although both careers are similar, they also have many differences. Seeking a career can be difficult for so many people, mostly teenagers or young adults. Some people Just look for what they suit better, but for me, the best career is the one that you choose with your heart based on your learning skills.

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Medical Career vs. Fashion Design
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