med surg

Question 1
What health history information would you obtain from M.B.?
Question 2
Briefly discuss 3 diagnostic tests that might be initially ordered for M.B.
Question 3
What clinical manifestations help to distinguish a possible cause for the patient’s health concerns?
Question 4
What alteration in endocrine gland function may be causing M.B.’s infertility?
Question 5
Describe what an endocrine assessment would include for M.B.
Question 6
What nursing interventions would you use in caring for M.B.?
Question 7
What medications would be prescribed for this patient?
Question 8
Name 5 assessments that would indicate that the treatment was effective.
Question 9
Give 2 therapeutic statements for this patient. 
Question 10
Create a 5 point educational plan for this patient.

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