Identification of Target Audience and Possible Ethical Considerations: Who your target customer base is and if there are any ethical considerations with your product and/or customer base (approximately 1 page)
Customer Need or What Problems Does Product Solve: What is the reason your customer base needs your product? What issues does your product solve? (approximately 2 pages)
Sales Cycle of Product and Buying Cycle of Customer: Describe the sales cycle (transactional or long-term) for your product, as well as the buying cycle of your customer base (approximately 1 page
Presentation Focusing on Six-Step Sales Presentation Plan: Develop the presentation in written form  that focuses on the six-step sales presentation plan covered in the eTextbook (approximately 4-5 pages). See eText page 208, Figure 10.3.
Identification of Potential Customer Objections and How to Overcome Them: Comment on potential customer objections (quality, price, service, delivery, etc.) and how you might overcome these objections (approximately 2 pages).
Introduction: An introduction tells the reader what is covered in the paper. Write a paragraph of at least three sentences.
Conclusion: Conclude with a brief summary of what you have learned in the class, and how you will apply the concepts to your personal and/or professional life (approximately 1-2 pages).

Review the instructions in the template and meet the page length requirement for each section. Text should be double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman.

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