Legality Issue

 (a) analyze the regulatory mandates and case law to respond to the potential legal problem(s), (b) incorporate scholarly arguments supported by academic resources to support your actions, (c) include the ways the case scenario illustrates the issues of children with disabilities and the legal significance for a school, and (d) identify ethical dilemmas and guidelines.
Edgewood High School principal Evelyn Lighthouse considered the case of 10th grader Mitchell Smallwood. Mitchell was diagnosed as learning disabled in math. He was also diagnosed as mildly emotionally disturbed and demonstrated impulsive behavior.  
Over the weekend Mitchell and two of his friends in regular classes had vandalized the high school by spray painting vulgar comments about Mitchell’s math teacher on the side of the gym building. A neighbor had seen the boys throw spray paint cans in her yard. She recognized Mitchell and one of the other students and had called the police. The police arrested the three boys and charged them with vandalism, resisting arrest, and destruction of public property. Mitchell had already been suspended from school for 4 days. School rules call for 90 days out-of-school suspension for vandalism of school property. Ms. Lighthouse had contacted Mitchell and his parents. Mitchell stated that the action was impulsive and admitted to the vandalism. What actions should Ms. Lighthouse’s take what court cases and statutes are most applicable to address this situation?

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Legality Issue
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