Knowledge Deficiencies


Knowledge Deficiencies:

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Knowledge Deficiencies
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In the first section explain on one (1) page, what are your team’s knowledge deficiencies? For example, what don’t you know about the industry and/or organization and value creation? The organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? The organization’s key customer segments which make up the organization’s target market?
Clearly indicate team members’ contributions 

Course textbook: Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach, 8th edition.

Chapter 6: Target Attractive Market Segments
Chapter 7: Differentiation and Brand Positioning

Value Creation

Gummerus, J. (2013). Value creation processes and value outcomes in marketing theory: Strangers or siblings? Marketing Theory, 13(1), 19–46.
Barringer, B. R., & Harrison, J. S. (2000). Walking a Tightrope: Creating Value Through Interorganizational Relationships. Journal of Management, 26(3), 367–403. 

File: Marketing Consultant Report Annotated Outline

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