Jsb Market Research Essay

The increase of regimented meal times and the need for on-the-go products in both developed and emerging economies are directly influencing consumer product choices, fundamentally changing the way that people snack. The change in consumer lifestyles including skipping meals and increased snacking on-the-go means that retailers and manufacturers need to keep up to date with salient issues that are affecting consumers eating habits.
The report identifies the key consumer groups to target and provides recommendations to capitalize on growing trends that are riving consumption Buy this report OR Know more http:/,’ -b ever ages/r-an rig-existing- trends-capitalizing-on-new-trends-109972 Key Findings The Snacking market is growing substantially faster than the Meals and Meal components markets. Fragmented meal times are leaving consumers more dependent on snacks for their nutritional intake, creating an opportunity for healthy snacks and meals blurring.
Time scarcity, whether real or perceived, is rife amongst consumers who are seeking out convenient snacking items that can be consumed whilst on-the-go and In place of traditional meal time Items. While manufacturers need to appreciate the growing health consciousness of consumers they must remember that taste and Indulgence will always remain key motivators tort the consumption tot snacking Items.

Snack consumption varies by time at day with consumers being Inherently healthier In the morning and seeking Indulgent snacks that aid escapism by the afternoon. Retailers should be aware of the Increasing popularity of saver menus from quick serve restaurants as these pose strong co. -nippiest. On for the future of the snacking market.

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Jsb Market Research Essay
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