journal writing

Journal Writing
Journal writing is a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences on any subject; this can prove helpful for future tasks, including writing improvement. This assignment will focus on our course and the lessons you have learned in it.
Write a 200-word entry for a journal.
NOTE: The journal entry must be specific to the current section of this ENGL106 course. No journal entries may be resubmitted that were written for a previous ENGL106 course.
Download this template to complete your assignment. Address the following:

Discuss your writing skills and your development as a writer as you have completed this course. (Refer to your Main Post of the Unit 1 Discussion to compare how you have improved to what you listed as your writing strengths and weaknesses.)
Identify what you learned about your strengths and challenges and the changes you experienced with these strengths and challenges as you progressed through this course.
In other words, discuss how you have grown as a writer. What resources or tools were the most useful for you?

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journal writing
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