IT Infrastructure

 PART 1: Executive Summary of IT Infrastructure Assessing the current state of the business before starting the full project is a necessity when it comes to working with infrastructure. International Plastics, Inc., a  manufacturing company, hired you as a technology consultant to work with the company to review its resources and develop a plan for its infrastructure needs. Your first step is to become familiar with the company’s current documentation and provide a status update to the executives. Review the ZIP file for International Plastics, Inc. documentation. Write a 1 to 2-page executive summary of International Plastics’ business requirements for an upcoming discussion with the CEO. As a general guideline,  executive summaries are typically1 to 2 pages in length, at 12 pt. font, and single-spaced. Include the following information: • A high-level description of International Plastics’ current IT Infrastructure, including network, information systems, applications, mobile computing, data  management, business intelligence, and security • An overview of International Plastics’ operational environment • An explanation of how a new IT infrastructure will improve business performance • A chart listing at least three examples of technology hardware upgrades and how they will improve business performance PART 2: Identifying Current IT Standards and Protocols and Making Recommendations The International Plastics, Inc. CEO read your executive summary and would like more information. The CEO would like a detailed explanation of the IT standards,  protocols, and communication tools currently in use in the facilities to determine if improvements are needed. Review the existing International Plastics network diagrams located in the International Plastics, Inc. documents ZIP file. Assess the current telecommunications  protocols, standards, and collaboration tools used for International Plastics. Determine if improvements are needed, and if so, list your recommendation with how  the improvement will affect the standard or protocol (you will use this to prepare the required chart).Copyright 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Prepare a chart/table, using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel®, to document at least 6 current standards or protocols used at each location. Use the  following table headings: • Current Telecommunications Standard, Protocol, or Collaboration Tools • International Plastics Location • Recommendation for Improvement with anticipated effects of Improvement Decide on a recommendation that will have the most beneficial impact to the company. • Write a 1-page explanation on how you made the decision to move forward with this recommendation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this  recommendation? Submit your PART 1: Executive Summary of IT Infrastructure and your PART 2: Identifying Current IT Standards and Protocols and Making Recommendations. 

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IT Infrastructure
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