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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition that is elicited by exposure to terrifying events through witnessing or experiencing it. Considering the events that the Traffic Homicide Investigator has been exposed to in the past few months, he is likely to be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Likely, the officer having a young and a loving family and experiencing children within the same age as his kids dying in traffic circumstances is disturbing. The symptom of withdrawal and sunken is a serious case of PTSD. Most individuals who go through these traumatic disorders may start experiencing the symptoms after some time, some may take up to years while in others it can only take one month (Kalkstein et al. 2018). The symptoms portrayed by the officer are detrimental for the discharge of his mandate as the duty calls for teamwork and coordination. 
To rehabilitate this officer, many factors should be taken into consideration. Effective rehabilitation will require guidance and counseling from a professional therapist and through medication treatment. Through therapy, the officer can be scheduled for counseling where he would be guided on the way forward based on his condition. Through the human relations department, the organization should plan to withdraw the officer from the high way patrol section for some time, and maybe forever.  As much as the process of removing the officer from the road duty may be bureaucratic, it is still important to consider this process. 
Withdrawing him from the highway patrol is likely to improve the situation as he would not be exposed to the accidents. Considering his withdrawn tendencies witnessed, it is likely to make him calmer and recollected after being withdrawn. 
If this condition is not identified and corrected in time, it is likely to have negative impacts on the officer’s life. First, he may start showing signs of easy irritation and aggressiveness. Increased levels of aggression may lead to increased levels of risk to the officer if he continues to be exposed to the same circumstances. Secondly, he may suffer from concentration problems due to the consistency relevance of the tragic events in his life (Kalkstein et al. 2018). 
If the condition is not adequately dealt with and the officer is withdrawn from the highway patrol unit, and the continuity of these tragic accidents then this may turn to a chronic PTSD situation. Therefore the most effective way to help the situation is to offer counseling and therapeutic sessions to help the officer regain normalcy. 
Kalkstein, S., Scott, J. C., Vickers Smith, R., & Cruz, J. (2018). Effectiveness of an anger control program among veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues: A comparative study. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 74(9), 1422–1430. https://doi.org/10.1002/jclp.22631

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