Initial Email

Email Writing Assignment
We have seen the development and importance of a company’s mission statement in class. We 
will soon discuss business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) 
has been in business since the 1800’s. They offer consumer healthcare products, medical 
devices, and pharmaceutical products around the globe. 
For this assignment, there will be an element of make-believe. (Normally, a business email 
would be short and to the point.) Assume you are the Training & Development Coordinator for 
Johnson & Johnson. You oversee new hire orientation. Send an email addressed to “New 
I have attached a link to J&J’s Credo at the bottom of this page-
a statement of J&J’s 
corporate commitments to stakeholders and its beliefs. Read this Credo. 
In your own words

summarize the main ideas 
in the credo
so that the new employees understand the company’s 
goals, mission and values. Use a few short paragraphs (4-6 sentences each). Be sure to include 
an appropriate intro and conclusion.

Your intro should welcome new hires to the company & briefly reflect the importance of
and the spirit the company (and new hires) should embrace.

You want the Chief Human Resources Coordinator to receive a copy of your email.

You want the CEO to receive a copy of your email as well, but you don’t want anyone 
else to know you are copying him.

Your subject line should be appropriate and capture attention.

Your conclusion should give an appropriate takeaway for the new hires.

Use a 12pt font

Carefully review III.E. (pg. 3) of the Overview Document in Blazeview regarding “Proper 
Form for an Email.” It has key information to help you.

Use the sample email format document posted in the Writing Assignment folder in 
Blazeview. Pay close attention to details and these hints.
The link to the Johnson & Jonhson Credo (the reading material for this assignment):
Should you have trouble with the link, please Google “Johnson & Johnson Cred

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Initial Email
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