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Topic ~ Introduction 1 to Business Research Byend of this topic, you should be able to: ” I, Define research; 2. Describe the difference between basic and applied research; 3. Discuss the importance of business research; 4. Describe the needs to have ethics in conducting research; 5. Discuss when business research is needed and when it should not be conducted; and 6. Identify various areas in business research. ~’ INTRODUCTION Before we really understand what business research is all about, let us look at some of the definitions given by several authors of research methods. 2 ~ TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION
TO BUSINESS RESEARCH Definition There are many different definitions that can be found on research. (i) Cooper and Emory (1995) defined research as: A systematic inquiry aimed at providing information’ to solve problems. (ii) Kervin (1992) in his book entitled “Methods for Business Research” stated that: . . Researchis the process of systematically gathering end analysing information in order to gain knowledge and understanding. l (iii) Sekaran (2003) defined it as: An organised, systernJltic, databased, critical, objective, sdentiBc inquiry or investigation into a specific problems. (iv)
Zikmund (2003) defined business research as: A systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analysing data I’foraid in zna! dng decision. .. , •. • 0′ As you can see from the given definitions, there are many different definitions on research, however, there appears to be a consensus among these authors that research is a process 01 investigation that is carried out in an organised and systematic manner to address a specific probJem or issue. When you investigate a phenomena of interest, it must be thorough and rigorous from the beginning untill the end of the research process.

Besides that, you must also conduct it in a systematic way using appropriate methods to collect and analyse data. In a business context, research is defined as an organised and systematic process of investigation to address a specific business problem or issue. TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH .. •• 3 . , ACTIVITY 1. 1 • r’ ~. • .~ I _ ‘. l,”~ 1. Give you own definition of business research. 2. :1. 1 Identify the key words in describing “research” from the content glVen. TYPES OF BUSINESS RESEARCH There are many areas of research that can be conducted.
For example you may want to do a research on the behaviour of students in an English or Mathematics class. Or perhaps you would like to do a research in an organisation, . investigating the financial problems of a company. Whatever research that you wish to embark on, you need to understand that business research can be categorised into the following: Basic Research Applied Research Figure 1. 1: Business research component 1 . 1 . 1 Basic Research , Basic research is usually conducted to improve our understanding of certain issues rather than its immediate application.
This research is also known as fundamental of pure research. For example, you might be interested in whether personal characteristics influence students’ courses choices. Basic research aims to make a contribution to knowledge rather than providing solution to a spe. cific problem or issue. 1 . 1. 2 Applied Research Applied research is done with the emphasis of solving a specific, existing problem. It is very specific in nature and is directed towards making decisions. An example of an applied research is when an organisation wants to improve its employees’ performance that has been declining lately. 4 ~ TOPIC 1
INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH Although the primary objective of basic research is to gain knowledge, such knowledge developed from the research can be used to solve specific problems or issues. For example, researching the causes of low successful rate among small and medium entrepreneurs ‘ill offer many solutions to reduce the phenomenon, which leads to further research on it, and suggest how the low successful rate can be improved. ” ‘€j (‘. ~ … •. SELF-CHECK ,. 1 ‘””,,-‘ Given the situation below. discuss whether the following scenario falls under the category of basic or applied research. . ,- •
The management ofOUM wants to analyse the importance module to their independent post graduate students . of course •’ A researcher investigates consumers’ perceptions towards a newly design Proton car, Persona. Whether you are doing basic or applied research, it is important for you to understand that both researches are undertaken in a scientific manner. 1. 2 IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS RESEARCH Let us look at the importance of business research by looking at why do you have to do it. 1 . 2. 1 Why Do You Have to Do Research? Each day managers are confronted with issues and problems that require them to make critical decisions.
Research conducted in an organised and systematic manner will enable them to assess or check whether a specific action, program or policy has the expected effect. Research will provide managers with opportunities to gather information about the characteristics of the current situation. For example managers may want information to answer questions, to make decisions or to determine whether a problem exists. It also allows managers to identify problem situation before they grew out of the management’s control. TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH .. •• 5 Lastly, research offers management n avenue to comprehend and better appreciate various factors and effects of factors that contribute to an existing situation or problem . • 1. Why managers should know about research? 2. Why is research important? 1. 3 ETHICS IN RESEARCH When conducting a specific research, the researcher is required to observe certain . code of conduct or norm of behaviour. Ethical behaviour starts with the researcher who conducts the investigation, the respondents who provide the information, the analysts who analyse the results and every team member who will be involved in the presentation of the findings and recommendations.
According to Cavana, Delahaye and Sekaran (2001), as researcher, you have responsibilities to the society, the client of the research and the people involved in the study. • To the society – all researchers must uphold the moral . standards of the research profession. They should not engage in plagiarism, fraud or deceptions. Cite properly if you are refering or using other people works, as illustrated in Figure 1. 2. . ‘lhis Into ‘1(J ‘((‘,[ f,1 . ! _~I~( It L{)U’I~~ A It rR. or~,~11. .• Figure 1. 2: An example of citing the source properly Source: http://www. lib. lsu. edu/instruction/ tigertail/nf/ od ule3 / images / plagiarism. GlF • To the client of the research – the researcher must ensure that he/she produces high quality research. He/she must also ensure that all information regarding the research be treated as private and confidential. 6 ~ • TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH To the people involved in the study – should not be physically, psychologically and legally harmed. It is also the responsibility of the researcher to ensure the anonymity of the people involved in the study. Coercion, undue pressuri and stress on the people involved in the research should be avoided. :-; -“–:- .. •. •.. ~~ -yf– – –1.. ‘-. I-‘:. •. •1f7 ~ ~, • f’,,’ ;~SELF~CHE(K f. 3> ” Give some examples of business research in your particular field of interest. _ ,~-:;~””‘~~~~~~~. ;;~;~. :~~::;:;~;;;-~,~~~~~~-:;;:;-~~~~~~~ o For further readings on business research, you may go to the following websites: www. accenture. com/Global/Research_and_Insights/lnstitute_For_High_ Performance Business. htm www. apmforum. com/research. htm OQJ 11111 ••••6•••~•••• Q • • •• ••••••••••• ~ » 0••••« • Research is a pertinent part for managers. •
Business research is a systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analysing data for decision making. • Research can be categorised into basic and applied research. • Basic research is usually conducted to improve our understanding of certain issues rather than its immediate application. • Applied research is done with the emphasis of solving a specific, existing problem. 10 ~ TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH • Managers should have knowledge in conducting research even though they may not be directly involved in the research concerned. •
Researcher has the responsibility to observe certain code of conducts to society, the people involeed in the research and the client of the research. • A manager determines whether business research should be conducted by considering time constraints, availability of data, the nature of the decision to be made and benefits of the research information in relation to cost. • The major area of business research that would benefit the organisations KEY TERMS 0″, • • • • • • • • • • Applied Research” • • • • • a _ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Research Ethics Business Research t • 1.
Explain the definiton of research. 2. Why should a manager knows about research? 3. F~r what purpose is basic r~search important? Give examples of basic research. 4. When is applied useful? 5. Discuss some business research you have read. . 6. research, as distinct from basic research, List the factors that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on a research project. • • • TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH •• 11 Bryman, A. & Bell~E. (2003). Business research methods. New York: Oxford University Press. Cavan a, R. Y, Delahaye, B. L. , & Sekaran, U. (2000).
Applied business research: Qualitative and quantitative methods. Australia: John Wiley and Sons. (2003). Business research: A practical guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students. (2nd ed. ). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Collis, J. , & Hussey”R. Cooper, D. , &’ Schindler, McGraw-Hill Irwin. p. s. (2006). Business research methods. (9th ed. ). Kervin, J. B. (1992). Methods for business research. New York: Harper Publishers. . … Collin Sekaran, U. (2003). Research methods for business: A skill-building approach. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Zikmund, W. G. (2003). Business research methods. Thomson USA. South-Western, •

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