Icu Bed

Genre of the film: Indies film Setting: The film happened during the modern days at a hospital. Characters: * Eddie Garcia as Joseph * Angel Aquinas as Beth * Ion Bemoaning as Joe * Irma Dolan as Cell * Happen Sys as Ann * Irvin Viola as Joshua Plot: The plot of the movie happened in the middle part. Many things were going on, tragedies, happiness, and sufferings. One of those tragedies was when Ann found out that she was pregnant, and the father of her child doesn’t want to claim their baby. Another one Is when Cell found out that her husband was cheating on her.
Her husband had another family. And the last one is when Joseph, their father, was getting sicker and sicker. Conflict: The conflict of the story was when Joseph didn’t want to stop doing his illegal fetish, despite of his Illness. He keeps on doing what he wants to do, and he doesn’t even bother if it’s going to harm him or not. How conflict was resolved: The conflict was resolved when Joseph had a dream while he was in his hospital bed. He dreamt about what would happen to him if he was dead, and honestly, it wasn’t too good. So, when he woke up and realized he was still alive, he decided to do hat he can to live.
He didn’t totally give up on his bad habits but still, he lived. Summary: Once there was an old man named Joseph. He had many bad habits. Some of these were smoking, drinking, and gambling. One day, he reached his limits and he was sent to the hospital. He was there for a long time, not knowing when he will be cured. His family did everything for him to survive, but, like any other families, they too had their own problems. These problems were teenage pregnancy, family problems, and bad parenting. Josephs family was very full of disorder but they managed to solve these problems.

As time passed by, Joseph has been cured from his illness; Ann had decided to keep her baby even though she was not at the right age for it, Joshua finally obeys his parent’s, and the two sisters conquered their problems. The end. Values learned: One of the values learned In this movie was to not give up even though you are really struggling from your problem. Giving up was never a choice whenever you have problems. Always remember that there are people around you who are going to support you for whatever that’ll happen in your life. Another lesson is to take care of yourself. Take care of your body, your health, and your mind.
Don’t do things that you know will harm yourself. Always remember that whenever you do bad things, you will have to repay some debts and you will have some consequences, in order for you to 1 OFF learn that lesson. Personal reactions: Honestly, I have many reactions about this movie. I really felt that I connected with the movie because the things that happened to Joseph were really similar to what happened to my grandfather who had Just passed away. I think that the movie was very legit in a sense that it was really realistic, unlike other movies that are very sectional and you really wouldn’t think it would happen in real life.
The scenes in this movie would really happen in real life, and I actually liked that fact that the director made the movie like this. It was very creative of him to do a movie that was very true to life. I think the goal of the director of the movie, Rica Reveal, was to make sure that her audience would connect with the movie they’re watching. And I appreciate that very well. I am glad that I had watched this movie because I learned so many things, I realized so many things, and I discovered so many things that I haven’t learned in my life before.

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Icu Bed
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