I need a response to 2 peers this week for my New Business Venture and Entrepreneurship

 RE: Week 1 DiscussionCOLLAPSE
Hi all,
My name is Joseph Bangali, and I live in the Washington DC Metro area with my wife and two daughters. I currently work as a DevOps Engineer for a technology company. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, lifting weights, watching sports, listening to podcasts, and reading.
I would like to focus on creating a new venture, but I am not exactly sure what that is.
After watching the Tio video, Austin talked about the importance of thinking long-term and staying true to your vision. Both of those concepts resonated with me because of how difficult they are to put into practice when building something new. For me, it was a nice reminder that things take time, so you must be patient. Also, having a strong belief in your vision will help you start with the end in mind and work backward from there. This will determine what steps are needed along the way to get you one step closer to your vision.
Joseph Bangali

2nd Response 
 RE: Week 1 DiscussionCOLLAPSE
Hi all,
                Hope everyone had a great break! Please see the following week 1 DQ post.
                My name is Marco Bucci and this is my second last course in my JWMI MBA journey. Currently, I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and work for NOVA Chemicals whose main product is polyethylene (plastic). We are the largest plastics producer in Canada and are making the biggest manufacturing facility investment recorded within the last 100 years in Ontario (NOVA, 1). At present, I am the Coordinator for Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Security for our Eastern Operations. Previous to this role, I spent over 10 years as an Occupational Health Nurse for various different organizations and started my career as a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Department. In addition, I am passionate about investing and enjoy digging into the finances of prospective businesses. The fun part of me spends time boating and fishing with my wife wherever and whenever possible.
Identify The Type Of Idea I Would Like To Focus On In This Class
                I’ve always had a burning desire to start my own company and the thrill of the possibilities always calls me. Specifically, development, canvasing resources and making decisions without the layers of bureaucracy found within some organizations (JWI, 2). Of course, as resiliency is a critical trait of an entrepreneur I’ll need to focus intently on this to manage the turbulence (Trainor, 3). As a result, I will be focusing on an entrepreneurial endeavour for the intent of this class.
What Resonated With Me From The Tio Video
                The biggest thing that resonated with me from the Tio video was how Austin took a major risk to start his own company and focused on the end goal or “long term”.  Ultimately, this highlighted the importance of understanding the industry landscape, developing a vision, a road map and staying true to a North Star despite the upsets along the way. Moreover, the importance of continuous improvement cannot be understated as the primary tenet of strategy and this requires courage (Sherman, 4). In addition, I really enjoyed listening to how he found an area of the market that wasn’t crowded and went all in.
Looking forward to learning from you all this term.

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I need a response to 2 peers this week for my New Business Venture and Entrepreneurship
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