HW 5(21)

Answer any TEN of the following questions.

1. Name the different types of wired video transmission techniques.

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HW 5(21)
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2. What do you understand by base-band viedo signal?
3. Define modulation and demodulation.
4. Compare the features of coaxial cable with those of twin-axial cable.
5. What do you understand by cable impedance?
6. Describe electrical interference in video transmission.
7. What do you understand by grounding problem?
8. Describe the principle of slow-scan transmission.
9. How does an optical fiber transmits light signal?
10. List the features of fiber-optic transmission.
11. What is(are) the difference(s) between step-index and graded-index fibers?
12. What do you understand by multimode fiber transmission?
13. Define coupling efficiency.
14. Describe the functions of fiber-optic transmitter.
15. Describe the features of microwave transmission.
16. How does infrared transmission work?
17. What is the difference between scrambling and encryption?

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