Human Resource Legal Responsibilities

For this assignment, you will reflect on the research you conducted and write a paper that addresses the items below.

Provide an introduction, and explain the role that human resources has in upholding legal responsibilities of an organization.
Identify and discuss at least two current equal employment opportunity laws.
Discuss the differences between management of diversity and affirmative action.
Describe the challenges in managing a diverse work team.
Provide examples of how the management of diverse teams can be improved within an organization.

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Human Resource Legal Responsibilities
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Please use the following references plus one more.
 Miller, C. (2019). Affirmative Action and Its Persistent Effects: A New Perspective. California Management Review, 61(3), 19–33   
Lundberg, S. (1991). The Enforcement of Equal Opportunity Laws Under Imperfect Information: Affirmative Action and Alternatives. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 106(1), 309-326. Retrieved August 19, 2020, from
 Murphy, W. (2018). Distinguishing Diversity from Inclusion in the Workplace: Legal Necessity or Common Sense Conclusion? Journal of Business Diversity, 18(4), 65–83 
Your research paper must be at least three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages, and must include at least four peer-reviewed sources.

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