Human computer Interactions


Define human computer interaction.
Discuss the historical development of human computer interaction.
Differentiate interaction styles.

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Human computer Interactions
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Cover slide to include:

A title, the course and unit numbers, and your first and last names.
One relevant image locked in through the slide master (see the practice assignment in the PowerStart activity).

Slides 2–4: Explanation of at least 3 events in the history of human computer interaction.

Put each event on a separate slide.
Present your 3 events in chronological order. Include the year on the slide, and briefly explain what happened.
Write in your own words (no quotes, no copying).
Provide an APA in-text citation on each of these 3 slides to show where you found the information.

Slides 5–6: Heuristic analysis of 2 of the interaction styles described in Chapter 3 of the textbook. The textbook discusses the 5 primary interaction styles: direct manipulation, menu selection, form fill-in, natural language, and command language. They are discussed in more detail in later chapters as well. Select 2 styles to analyze.

Put each interaction style on a separate slide.
Describe each style using key questions of what/how, where/when, and who/why.
Discuss the type of application or task for which the style works best.
Write in your own words (no quotes, no copying).
Citation is not required for these slides.

Slide 7/8: Analysis of an interface. Choose a website or an application you use frequently. Explain the purpose of the site and look at it critically from a usability perspective. What do you like about the interface? What would you improve if you were on the design team? Why do you think it was designed the way that it was? Include a screenshot in your critique.
Slide 8: Reflection about the definition and meaning of human computer interaction.

Write in your own words (no quotes, no copying, and no source material).
Provide at least 40 words.

Slide 9: Reference slide with complete APA entries for the textbook and the sources used for the historical events slides.

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