HSS 261 IP3

Two pages APA 6 format, in-text citation, Use at least two (2) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used.  
Assignment Details: 
Ethical dilemmas are those where there is neither an easy answer nor a decision that is absolutely the right one. Healthcare professionals must deal with these challenges based on their training and knowledge of ethical principles and decision making. Choose an ethical dilemma from the list below and answer the questions that follow. Use your knowledge and understanding from what you have already learned from Unit 1 and 2 lessons and the textbook reading assignments.

Genetic testing and home test kits
Physician-assisted death
Artificial intelligence and clinical decision making
Organ transplantation and artificial organs

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HSS 261 IP3
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Note: If you would like to choose a dilemma other than one on the list, please consult with your instructor and obtain permission.

Describe the issue and why and how it poses an ethical dilemma for healthcare providers and healthcare organizations?
What ethical principle(s) would be applicable to the dilemma?
Describe the ethical decision-making steps used to come to an ethical decision? With whom would a healthcare professional consult in coming to a decision?
How are your personal values challenged? What would be a personal bias or conflict of interest in resolving this dilemma?

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