HRMT330 DB 4

Prepare a Key Assignment Outline and include any notes you feel are appropriate. APA 6 format
Attached is a sample outline from a peer
Key Assignment
Part 1:
Green Branch Coffee recently experienced an ethical violation because some unscrupulous employees leaked customer information on a social media Web site. The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee has asked you to prepare an executive report that reviews the role of ethics in the HR profession. This report will be shared with the VP of HR. You realize this is an important project and begin by researching the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Code of Ethics for HR professionals.
Review the SHRM Code of Ethics, and prepare an outline for an executive report that answers the following questions:

Describe the professional responsibilities of HR professionals.
What does it mean to include fairness and justice in the HR profession?
How should HR professionals appropriately manage an organization’s information?
Refraining from workplace commentary on social media
Maintaining a professional image
What can be shared and what cannot be shared on social media
Customer privacy and IT security

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HRMT330 DB 4
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Society for Human Resource Management. (2014, November 21). Code of ethics.

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